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Police critics arrested after 2019 immigration protest sue Phoenix, police

A man who Phoenix police arrested during an interview with the Arizona Mirror at a July 2019 protest and another bystander who police mistook for a right-wing agitator have filed a federal lawsuit against the City of Phoenix and several officers, claiming police unlawfully targeted and arrested them. ... Read more»

New law could keep police officers off Arizona’s ‘Brady list’

With roughly 1,400 Arizona officers on some form of a Brady list with but no statewide accounting of dishonest officers, police officers accused of misconduct will have a chance to appeal before they’re put on a “bad cops” list under a new state law.... Read more»

Arizona bill would let dishonest cops appeal placement on Brady List

A bill that would allow law enforcement agents to appeal being placed on a list of dishonest officers cleared another hurdle on its way to becoming law, despite concerns from Maricopa County prosecutors. ... Read more»