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Q&A: Pima Recorder Cazares-Kelly on county's new voting system

Pima County Recorder Gabriella Cázares-Kelly made history as the first Native American to hold a countywide seat in Pima County with her 2020 win. Now she’s helping to usher in a new era for local elections.... Read more»

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With surge in early voting, Pima County election staff working double shifts

Pima County is dealing with a "surge" in ballots already returned during the first weeks of voting, as nearly 38 percent of mailed-out ballots have already been sent back, and thousands of people cast early votes in person. "I’ve never seen early ballot numbers like this." ... Read more»

Corp Commission write-in race won’t be settled until days after election

One of the biggest questions of the primary election, whether the Republican Party will cede a Corporation Commission seat to the Democrats without putting up a fight, may not be answered by the end of Tuesday night.... Read more»

Long hours, low pay, but poll workers are still signing up – for now

Arizona election teams are working hard to find enough poll workers on Election Day, but it's a constant struggle.... Read more»

Hundreds of Tucson voters get ballots without TUSD race

More than 500 voters on Tucson's South Side were sent early ballots that left off the race for TUSD's Governing Board. Officials said replacements were mailed so residents near I-19 and Ajo Way will be able to vote in that election.... Read more»

Most Pima provisional ballots validated; counting continues

Some 14,000 provisional ballots remained to be added to Pima County vote totals Friday, after they were verified and turned over to the Elections Department to be counted. About 85 percent of local provisional ballots were found to be valid after review by the County Recorder's Office.... Read more»

Still thousands of ballots left to tally in Pima County

Although they're unlikely to affect the outcome of any races, local election officials are still counting ballots: about 20,000 provisionals remain to be added to the totals in Pima County. In Maricopa County, about 45,000 remained.... Read more»

Study: Number of Az polling places cut sharply since 2012

When Arizona voters go to the polls Tuesday, it will be at 212 fewer polling places than in 2012, with 13 of the state’s 15 counties cutting sites in that time, a new report shows.... Read more»


Battle over the ballot box: Voter fraud vs. voter suppression

There is a battle for the ballot box that’s being fought in the nation’s courtrooms: Voter fraud vs. voter suppression. So far, “voter fraud” is losing the war, with little to no evidence being presented to justify harsh preemptive or preventive measures.... Read more»

Judicial candidate Frisby's campaign raffles may be illegal

With a crowded field of candidates trying to be elected to the bench in Pima County, one candidate is rolling the dice with what an opponent calls illegal campaign fundraising. Priscilla Frisby's use of raffles to raise money for her race violates state law, Charlene Pesquiera said in a complaint.... Read more»4

GOP, Dems nix county bid to cancel hand count of presidential primary

Local political leaders said "nay" Wednesday to a request by the Pima County elections director to call off a hand count to verify the results of the upcoming presidential preference election. Brad Nelson asked to cancel the tally because it would take place over Easter weekend.... Read more»1

McSally wins by 167 votes after recount

After counting, and counting, and recounting and counting again, Martha McSally has been declared the winner of the CD 2 race. The Republican challenger ousted U.S. Rep. Ron Barber by just 167 votes, a change of only six votes after an automatic recount was performed.... Read more»10

Barber/McSally: Pima recount complete

Pima County completed a hand count of selected precincts Monday, which "exactly" matched the electronic recount finished last week, officials said. The state has a deadline of 5 p.m. Tuesday to deliver the tally in the race between Ron Barber and Martha McSally to a judge.... Read more»6

McSally pulls out 161-vote win in CD2, recount coming

Eight days after the election, we have a winner in Arizona's CD 2: The third time was the charm for Martha McSally, who finished with a razor-thin 161-vote lead over Rep. Ron Barber that will trigger an automatic recount. The unofficial totals in CD 2 are 109,704 for the Republican challenger, and 109,543 for the Democratic incumbent.... Read more»3

Update: 213 ballots surface in Pima County, may forestall CD2 recount

In an election twist that's certain to raise eyebrows in some quarters, about 200 ballots have turned up in Pima County, potentially affecting the 133-vote margin that separates Martha McSally from Rep. Ron Barber. Voters in Green Valley's Continental School District were originally mailed misprinted ballots and sent replacements, and some were returned in the wrong envelopes.... Read more»4

Recount pending: McSally clings to 133-vote lead over Barber

Too close to call: Martha McSally held a dwindling lead over U.S. Rep. Ron Barber, up just 133 votes Tuesday as Pima County reported that "nearly all" ballots had been tallied. While McSally is the apparent winner of the election, an automatic recount is almost inevitable. There are about 200 conditional ballots that might yet be added to the count. ... Read more»3

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