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In the middle of the Rio Grande, separated families reunite for 3 minutes

The Hugs Not Walls event put on by the El Paso-based Border Network for Human Rights, in partnership with the Mexican and United States governments, allows families from both sides of the river with no legal means to reunite to reconnect for a brief embrace in the middle of the Rio Grande.... Read more»

COVID-19, faltering economy cited as border numbers plummet for 2020

The number of migrants apprehended at the southern border fell sharply in fiscal 2020, a drop analysts attribute in large part fears of the COVID-19 pandemic and the economic havoc left in its wake.... Read more»

Appeals court rules Trump can use nearly $4 billion in military funds for border wall

The White House called the initial decision to block on the use of military funds for the border wall "illegitimate" and hailed the appeals court decision as a victory. ... Read more»

Judge blocks plan to use $3.6 billion in military funds for border wall

A federal judge on Tuesday issued a nationwide injunction blocking the Trump administration’s plan to use $3.6 billion in military construction money to build the president’s long-promised border wall.... Read more»

Trump’s emergency wall funding declaration was 'unlawful,' court says

A federal judge in Texas Friday blocked an administration plan to use $3.6 billion in Pentagon funds for border wall construction, calling President Donald Trump’s declaration of a national emergency to secure the funds “unlawful.”... Read more»

Border town perspective on immigration reform

Republicans saw how poorly they fared among Latino voters in November and know they have more than a year until the next election cycle. Many in El Paso say those conditions make the timing right for Congress to pass comprehensive immigration reform with bipartisan support. (with video)... Read more»