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CROWN Act banning discrimination against natural Black hair enacted by Tucson, Tempe

Versions of the CROWN Act, which bans discrimination against natural hair textures and styles and was first introduced and passed in California in 2019, have been adopted in more than 14 states and over 10 cities, including Tucson and Tempe last year. ... Read more»

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Federal government takes first step in addressing home value inequalities — much remains to be done

Despite changes recommended by the Biden administration Property Appraisal and Valuation Equity action plan to address home appraisal bias in predominantly Black neighborhoods, they say it can do only so much without other systemic fixes. ... Read more»

FDA moves to ban menthol cigarettes, flavored cigars

The Food and Drug Administration laid out a plan to ban menthol cigarettes and flavored cigars, a move the agency says will reduce disease and deaths by taking products that have long-targeted young people and people of color off the market. ... Read more»


3 ways teachers can help special-ed students of color do better

When compared to white students with disabilities, students of color with disabilities are more likely to be placed in separate classrooms, and this may lead to lower educational outcomes for students of color in special education.... Read more»

LGBTQ community, people of color in the crosshairs of banned book movement

Hundreds of books across dozens of states are being banned - and a majority of the bans feature books written by authors who are people of color, LGBTQ+, Black and Indigenous, and feature characters from marginalized groups.... Read more»

African American Reconstruction teams with Arizona pro sports organizations to empower Black community

The non-profit organization African American Reconstruction was founded after the death of George Floyd to empower the Black community and cultivate a climate that creates opportunities for advancement.... Read more»

After Biden budget, Is federal police reform dead?

Since George Floyd’s murder in 2020, federal lawmakers on both sides of the aisle have proposed meaningful federal police reform, but proposed legislation has fallen victim to political polarization, concerns over rising crime, and disagreement over how to address qualified immunity.... Read more»

2020 census miscounted Americans – 4 questions answered

In 2020, as in past years, the U.S. Census Bureau didn’t get a completely accurate count, according to the bureau’s own reporting - here's why, and how, the census misses people, and how it’s possible to assess who wasn’t counted.... Read more»

Experts target obesity, diet, exercise to combat high cholesterol in youth

With childhood obesity levels on the rise in the U.S., more experts are looking at how to prevent high cholesterol in youth to help avoid serious health problems later in life by recommending parents take their children for early testing and work to increase activity while reducing screen time.... Read more»

Narrowing of state, U.S. gender wage gaps slow; may widen post-pandemic

The wage gap that had been narrowing between men and women stalled in 2019, according to new numbers from the Census Bureau, and advocates fear the situation will only get worse when pandemic-era data is released. ... Read more»

Minor League Baseball celebrates game’s Black pioneers, builds diversity through 'The Nine'

In an effort to celebrate and uplift African-American voices well beyond one month, Minor League Baseball launched “The Nine,” a community outreach platform to honor the game’s Black pioneers and provide opportunities to young Black baseball and softball players.... Read more»

'Crisis hiding in plain sight': Missing & murdered women of color

Parents at a Thursday congressional hearing about missing and murdered women of color detailed their frustrating attempts to get the attention of law enforcement and adequate media coverage, describing the struggle to highlight the depth of the issue without accurate or reliable data.... Read more»

Se insta a las personas de color a registrarse para la donación de órganos

Los defensores están alentando a las personas de color a que se conviertan en donantes de órganos; aunque los órganos no son compatibles según la raza o el origen étnico, los antecedentes raciales o étnicos similares pueden contribuir a una mejor compatibilidad.... Read more»

Madres de niños afroamericanos con autismo ofrecen apoyo y orientación a otras familias

La Conferencia Afroamericana sobre Discapacidad, organizada por el Centro de Arizona para la Ley de Discapacidad y el Centro de Arizona para Recursos Afroamericanos, ofreció orientación a las familias de color sobre cómo obtener el apoyo y los servicios que necesitan.... Read more»

Gift of life: People of color urged to register for organ donation

At the national and local level, advocates are doing more to encourage people of color to become organ donors - while organs are not matched according to race or ethnicity, racial or ethnic background may make for a better match, particularly in the case of certain immune markers. ... Read more»

Mothers of children who are Black and autistic help other families find their voices

The African American Conference on Disability - hosted by the Arizona Center for Disability Law and the Arizona Center for African American Resources - provided a forum to share experiences and offer guidance to families of color about getting the support and services they need.... Read more»

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