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Buffalo shuffle: Groups push to ship, not shoot, Grand Canyon bison

A planned hunt of bison on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon this week appears to be moving forward, despite last-minute pleas by lawmakers in Colorado to move the animals there instead. ... Read more»

Sharpshooters could target Grand Canyon bison by 2021 under herd plan

State and federal officials have agreed on a plan that includes bringing in volunteer sharpshooters to cut the number of bison on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon.... Read more»

Bill puts destructive Grand Canyon bison in the cross hairs

Arizona lawmakers have a simple solution to the problem of bison that are overgrazing and damaging Grand Canyon National Park's North Rim area - hunting. They're backing bills to allow "skilled volunteers" to hunt bison in the normally hunting-free park and to keep their kill. ... Read more»

Feds seeking ways to manage destructive Grand Canyon bison

Officials are trying to figure ways to control about 350 bison roaming the north of Grand Canyon National Park, damaging plants and water sources there. The herd had been managed through hunts, but have been out of reach since wandering in to the hunting-free park. ... Read more»

Comic: Science and livestock

Physics 101: Higgs boson vs. Ted's bison

In the news this week is the hunt for the so-called "God particle", the Higgs boson.... Read more»