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University of Arizona’s rainforest in the desert is a testing ground for understanding methane

A University of Arizona project in the Biosphere 2 rainforest designed to determine how much methane is emitted by seasonally flooded areas of the Amazon hopes to be a starting point to better understand methane emissions across the globe.... Read more»


UA's Biosphere 2 experimenting with how rainforests deal with drought

An experiment at the University of Arizona's Biosphere 2 might help researchers better understand how rainforests, including soil microbes as well as plants, might respond to the stress of a hotter, drier climate. ... Read more»

What the Devil won't tell you

Balloon payment: County foray into space as dubious as it is inspired

The idea of Pima County Supervisors rocketing into the space biz provides guffaws that write themselves. However, manned spaceflight has been turned over to the private sector and I'll tell you the folks at the Kennedy Space Center weren't laughing at World View. They were eager to rip World View from Tucson and relocate it on the shores of Cape Canaveral. The county's move to keep the company here has been met with hostility, derision and legal threats. I concur and completely disagree. ... Read more»2

Buckmaster Show

Buckmaster: Are dietary supplements safe?

Interviews with Victoria Maizes, of the UA Center for Integrative Medicine. Then, we talked with Tucson City Councilman Paul Cunningham. Plus, our UA College of Science "Superstars of Science" series features Dr. Peter Troch, science director of Biosphere 2.... Read more»

1000px: Thirsty cat

A camera near Biosphere 2 snapped this photograph of a bobcat tracking down a drink of water just outside the South Lung of the facility.... Read more»

Buckmaster Show

Buckmaster: A conversation with best-selling writer JA Jance

An interview with Tucson City Councilman Paul Cunningham. Then, Samantha Esquivel of the Humane Society of Southern Arizona on Saturday's Mosey For Mutts event at Reid Park. Also, New York Times best-selling author JA Jance discussed her new novel, "Second Watch." Plus, Dr. Kevin Bonine, Biosphere 2's director of education and outreach, talked about the new Discovery Nights and extended hours at the science center.... Read more»

Rain almost here? Check UA's Monsoon Monitor

Watching the clouds build up around the Rincon and Catalina mountains, Tucsonans spend early July wondering where and when the summer rains will finally fall. Track the rain's progress with the UA's new website, Monsoon Monitor.... Read more»