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Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer to retire

Justice Stephen Breyer will be retiring from the Supreme Court at the end of the term, according to Wednesday morning reporting from NBC. ... Read more»

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The cruel failure of welfare reform in the Southwest

In the 25 years since President Bill Clinton took Ronald Reagan's notions to their apotheosis in his 1996 welfare reform law - which Clinton said would “end welfare as we know it” - federal welfare funding, frozen by law at 1996 levels, has been decimated.... Read more»

The low-and-slow approach to food safety reform keeps going up in smoke

For more than 70 years, consumer advocates, government experts, members of Congress and several presidents have called for a single food safety agency - but the idea has stalled again and again, easy to propose but all but impossible to enact.... Read more»

FactCheck: CBO says Build Back Better not quite 'fully paid for'

For weeks, President Joe Biden has been saying the Build Back Better plan would be “fully paid for” and would not increase the deficit - but the official congressional scorekeeper in its long-awaited final analysis contradicted the president’s claims.... Read more»

Biden to restore protections to three national monuments slashed by Trump

The Biden administration will restore environmental protections to three national monuments, including two in Utah and the only marine monument in the Atlantic Ocean, that were diminished dramatically by his predecessor Donald Trump. ... Read more»

Single moms are forced to choose: Reveal their sexual histories or forfeit welfare

Women who apply for welfare often have to identify who fathered their children and when they got pregnant, among other deeply personal details, then state governments use that information to pursue child support from the dads — and pocket the money. ... Read more»

'It hasn’t stopped': Arizona volunteers try to stem the tide of migrant death in the desert

Bodies of 227 undocumented border crossers were found in the Arizona desert in 2020, and absent meaningful efforts to address the factors that drive people to risk their lives crossing miles of unforgiving desert, the number will continue to grow.... Read more»

5 transgender Az veterans discuss abuses, how political changes can alter lives

Five transgender veterans in Arizona speak on what it meant to serve in the military and witness the shifts in how their identities are viewed by the commander in chief, with the effects ranging from loss of status and benefits to traumatic experiences while in service, including sexual assault.... Read more»

Arizona GOP secretary of state candidate Mark Finchem will appear on QAnon talk show

Oro Valley Republican state legislator and secretary of state candidate Mark Finchem, a leading proponent of the baseless allegations and conspiracy claims behind Arizona’s #StopTheSteal movement, is scheduled to appear on a popular far-right QAnon talk show in May. ... Read more»

Biden taps expert in Native American law as top attorney at Interior

President Joe Biden nominated Native American law expert Robert Anderson, an enrolled member of the Bois Forte Band of the Minnesota Chippewa Tribe, to be solicitor of the Interior Department Wednesday. The move underscored how the administration is putting a priority on placing Native Americans in charge of the agenda at Interior. Last month, Interior Secretary Deb Haaland, an enrolled member of the Laguna Pueblo, was confirmed by the Senate as the first Native American person to lead a federal department.... Read more»

Biden's pledge to respect tribal sovereignty hailed by advocates, lawmakers

Native American policy experts and Arizona lawmakers welcomed President Joe Biden’s order calling for stronger relations with tribal governments, with one saying it “goes right along with what Indian country has been asking for.”... Read more»

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Arizona in play? Dem hopes spring eternal

Every election cycle since Bill Clinton carried Arizona in 1996, the narrative has gone like this: The state will change politically as newcomers bring their (more liberal) values. And thanks to Hispanics Arizona is on the cusp (always!) of becoming a purple or even deep blue electorate.... Read more»

Sinema, McSally fall in line with parties as Senate acquits Trump

Arizona’s senators fell in line with their respective parties Wednesday as the Senate voted to acquit President Trump on two articles of impeachment that could have forced his removal from office.... Read more»

Trump vows ‘positive’ State of the Union; analysts aren’t so sure

President Donald Trump said this weekend that Tuesday’s State of the Union Address will have a “very, very positive message.” Political experts say they’ll believe it when they see it.... Read more»

Deported U.S. veterans in Tijuana find aid, comfort in the Bunker

In a neighborhood just south of San Diego stands a narrow, two-story home connected to a tire shop. It’s where U.S. military veterans go after the country they served deports them and there’s nowhere else to turn. ... Read more»

Arizona veterans of 1998 Clinton impeachment see similarities, deeper divides

Arizonans who served in Congress back in 1998 and 1999 remember the heady days of the Clinton impeachment as House vote looms on Donald Trump's presidency. ... Read more»

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