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Monsoons make Southwest deserts bloom, but climate change is making summer rains more erratic

If recent years are any indication, the Southwest is already experiencing the effects of climate change, with record heat waves, larger and catastrophic wildfires, and a monsoon that is basically nonexistent one year, then produces record rainfall and severe weather the next. ... Read more»

Santa Catalina Mountains rebounding from Bighorn Fire a year ago

A recent tour of Catalina State Park and Mount Lemmon reveals sprigs of new growth peeking through the forest floor a year after the Bighorn Fire. ... Read more»

Burned acreage up sharply, as Arizona 2020 wildfire season winds down

The acreage torched by wildfires in Arizona was up sharply this year, but fire officials said it was still not a particularly bad season in terms of lives lost and structures burned in the blazes.... Read more»

COVID plans put to test as firefighters crowd camps during peak forest fire season

Fighting forest fires is an inherently dangerous job that now carries the additional risk of COVID-19. Any outbreak that ripples through a firecamp could easily sideline crews and spread the virus across multiple fires ... Read more»

Officials: 'Recreate responsibly' outdoors over July 4 weekend

Pima County, the Forest Service and others are urging everyone to be safe during their July 4th celebrations, and take into account the active wildfire threat and COVID-19 pandemic. Most fireworks shows have been called off.... Read more»

Photos: Bighorn Fire grows to more than 37,000 acres

Photos showing the spread of the Bighorn Fire burning north of Tucson on Thursday night, as the fire continued to spread across the Catalina Mountains. ... Read more»

Willow Canyon evacuated as Bighorn Fire tops 30k acres

With the Bighorn Fire on Mt. Lemmon growing larger — hitting 31,000 acres overnight — the Willow Canyon area is being evacuated Thursday morning. The blaze has pushed north toward the Catalina area, also.... Read more»

90k-acre Bush Fire near Mesa, now the largest in the country, forces evacuations

Nearly 1,500 people living west of Roosevelt Lake have been forced to evacuate because of the fast burning Bush Fire, which now is the largest in the country at 89,059 acres.... Read more»

Mt. Lemmon evacuated as Bighorn Fire burns up Catalina Mtns

Residents of Summerhaven must leave their homes Tuesday afternoon because of the approaching Bighorn Fire. "If you are in this area, EVACUATE NOW. Safely move south on Catalina Highway and leave the mountain."... Read more»

Summerhaven warned of possible evacuation as Bighorn Fire climbs Mt. Lemmon

Residents of Summerhaven atop the Santa Catalina Mountains should be "set" to evacuate Sunday night as the Bighorn wildfire has moved up the slopes toward Mt. Lemmon. Residents in the Golder Ranch area below can return to their homes after evacuating Friday.... Read more»

Catalina evacuations ordered as Bighorn Fire burns north Friday

Residents near Catalina State Park must leave their homes Friday night because of the approaching Bighorn Fire, which has burned northward, officials said.... Read more»

Bighorn Fire evacuees can return to homes; Sheriff warns Foothills to stay 'set' for blaze

Residents of the northern edge of the Catalina Foothills who were ordered to leave Thursday morning can go back to their homes, officials said late Friday afternoon. ... Read more»1

Photos: Fighting the Bighorn Fire from above

Photos and video of the effort to stem the Bighorn Fire burning in the Catalina Mountains north of Tucson on Thursday, as crews dropped fire retardant and water from the air.... Read more»

Animals shelters offering refuge to pets displaced by Bighorn Fire

Several local organizations are offering their emergency services the help residents under evacuation orders help to keep their pets and livestock safe.... Read more»

Parts of Catalina Foothills evacuated for Bighorn Fire; warning area widened

The Catalina Foothills between Alvernon and 1st Avenue, along the very edge of the national forest are being evacuated due to the "significant danger" from the Bighorn Fire. The area between Alvernon and Sabino Canyon is being warned of pending evacuations.... Read more»

Catalina Foothills warned to be prepared to evacuate from Bighorn Fire

Residents of the Catalina Foothills between Alvernon and 1st Avenue, north of Ina Road, should be prepared to leave their homes due to the "significant danger" from the Bighorn Fire burning on the mountain slopes above.... Read more»1