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The Bible says to welcome refugees

The Bible affirms – strongly and clearly – the obligation to treat strangers with dignity and hospitality. It is "unambiguous" in its doctrine that migrants should be protected and the other should be welcomed.... Read more»

Guest opinion

A peek between the pages of the Bible bill

You’d think lawmakers and the governor are tiring of controversy as they approach the end of this year’s legislative session. But in what is widely seen as a contentious move in secular society, Brewer signed a measure allowing schools to offer a high school course on the Bible’s influence on Western culture. ... Read more»2

Bill would have Bible in schools, ban other texts

Some Arizona legislators want Bibles in the classroom, but state teachers could find themselves punished if they bring other texts into public and charter schools. ... Read more»2

It was an 'invisible Judgment Day'

Believers waited and waited for May 21, 2011: Judgment Day. Listening to the advice of radio host and preacher Harold Camping, they prepared for the day there would be a rapture and the believers would go to heaven, and the rest would be left to be killed off by natural disasters.... Read more»

Rev. Graham and the signs of Armageddon

On ABC's "This Week," the Rev. Franklin Graham was wrong when he said that earthquakes, wars and famines are occurring "with more frequency and more intensity."... Read more»

Could a new Bible quell hatreds?

“The Restored New Testament” seeks to restore the original message after centuries of distortion that feeds hatred among religions with a shared heritage.... Read more»

Comic: Seventeen Words For Snow

It takes a lot of fig leaves

"Hide your shame, Adam, with this handy fig leaf. And Eve, don't think I've forgotten you. Here's a fig leaf hijab."... Read more»4