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¿No estás vacunado? Si falleces por covid tu familia se quedará sin beneficios

Los trabajadores que se niegan a vacunarse contra COVID-19 pueden enfrentar repercusiones financieras, desde primas de seguro médico más altas hasta la pérdida de sus trabajos, y ahora, las consecuencias financieras podrían seguir a los trabajadores más allá de la tumba.... Read more»

Unvaccinated? Don’t count on leaving your family death benefits

These days, workers who refuse to get vaccinated against COVID-19 may face financial repercussions, from higher health insurance premiums to loss of their jobs - and now, the financial fallout might follow workers beyond the grave. ... Read more»

Democrats’ plans to expand Medicare benefits may pinch Advantage plans’ funding

A new television ad, paid for by Better Medicare Alliance, a research and advocacy group for Medicare Advantage plans, doesn’t spell out what cuts congressional lawmakers might be trying to slip past unsuspecting seniors.... Read more»

Cleaned out of a job: Housekeepers lose work during the pandemic

According to the National Domestic Workers Alliance, more than 90% of domestic workers are women, and many are also immigrants and people of color — all groups that disproportionately felt the damaging effects of the pandemic.... Read more»

Jobs of desperation: How rideshare, food delivery workers lose in the gig economy

Gig work can give people flexibility and freedom, but some experts believe it also exposes them to inconsistent, low pay and the possibility of exploitation for the sake of customer convenience and the work became even riskier during COVID-19, which put thousands of people out of jobs.... Read more»

Trump hammered at 2nd Circuit for shake-up of green card rules

The Trump administration’s rule preventing immigrants who receive any form of public assistance from obtaining green cards is “unmoored” from the intent of Congress, the Second Circuit ruled Tuesday. ... Read more»

Federal judge issues nationwide ban on immigration welfare rule amid pandemic

A federal judge in New York issued a nationwide injunction Wednesday barring enforcement of a Trump administration rule that prevents immigrants from qualifying for green cards or other visas if they are likely to become dependent on government benefits.... Read more»1

Bill would bar cities, towns from mandating employee benefits

A state lawmaker wants to bar Arizona cities and towns from requiring private employers to provide benefits like sick days and meal breaks. HB 2280, authored by Rep. Tom Forese, R-Chandler, would keep the power to regulate benefits at the state level.... Read more»1


Insurers now required to speak plain English

The Department of Health and Human Services stiffens spine and requires health insurance companies to clearly explain their policies.... Read more»1

Court hears arguments on Arizona law ending domestic partner benefits

An Arizona law removing domestic partner benefits for state employees discriminates against same-sex couples because they can't get married to qualify, an attorney argued Monday before an appeals court panel.... Read more»