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Plan to equip all DPS officers with body cameras has some public advocates skeptical

Gov. Doug Ducey’s fiscal 2021 budget proposes spending about $5 million to provide body cameras to all sworn personnel in the Arizona Department of Public Safety, but some critics of police use of deadly force worry the cameras will be used to protect officers more than the public. ... Read more»

Arizona saw some of deepest cuts, biggest tuition hikes since recession

From 2008 to 2018, tuition at Arizona’s four-year state universities rose 92.4%, trailing only the 106.9% increase for Louisiana students. But Arizona’s increase translated into an additional $5,384 per student, which was tops in the nation. ... Read more»

Despite 'modest gains,' Arizona schools still see severe teacher shortage

Arizona schools started this academic year with 21% of all teaching positions vacant, and nearly half of the teachers who were on the payroll did not meet the state’s certification standards.... Read more»