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Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke on horseback during a tour of the U.S.-Mexico border near Sasabe, Arizona, March 2018.

The Grijalva-Zinke spat is a small example of the question faced by Democrats as they suddenly have oversight power: Should legislative oversight equal executive shadiness, or does the the sheer scale of executive shadiness excuse it from accountability? Read more» 1

One of the owners of Tempe-based Four Peaks Brewery said they plan hire more people and expand their brand, which includes releasing more specialty beer.

One of the owners of Tempe-based Four Peaks Brewery said they plan hire more people and expand their brand, which includes releasing more specialty beer. Randy Schultz and the other co-owners said they were thrilled when Gov. Doug Ducey signed the "Arizona Beer Bill." Read more»

Four Peaks Brewing Co. opened its Tempe location in 1996. Owners said they could be forced to close some locations if they wanted to produce more beer.

Local breweries face a dilemma: They can produce more beer. But if they do, they would have to close their restaurants. One state lawmaker wants to change that. Read more» 1

Analysis: The North American Free Trade Agreement was the poster child for the wonders of free trade. The reality is another story. Read more»

Gallo beer

The centerpiece of Cerveceria Centro Americana’s headquarters and brewery here is a chapel constructed in 1946, when it still held an absolute monopoly on the Guatemalan beer market. This is where Guatemala brews Gallo — a pale lager with a mean rooster crowing on its label. For many in this impoverished Central American country, beer was Gallo, and Gallo was beer. That was until 2003, when the Cerveceria’s more than a century-old monopoly was broken by AmBev, the Brazilian division of what’s now beer giant Anheuser-Busch InBev. Read more» 1

Dennis Peoples, an employee of a Total Wine and More outlet in Phoenix, fills a jug called a growler with draft beer. A new state law allows bars and stores selling wine and beer to fill growlers for customers.

For many beer aficionados, nothing beats the freshness and flavor of a microbrew straight from the tap. Many drive miles to brewpubs to fill up glass bottles with their favorites. Under a new law, they now can fill those growlers at bars or retailers that have microbrews on tap. Read more»

Local brew at Borderlands Brewing Company.

Microbrewers are eyeing Arizona as the next big market for beer, with 39 microbreweries in the state in 2011. The lastest microbrewery in Tucson, Borderlands Brewing Company, will open its doors Saturday. Read more»

Here's a fun measure of economic growth: beer drinking. Beer sales in Latin America are growing faster than expected, the world's No. 2 brewer said last week. Read more»

Lawmakers who normally wouldn't warm bar stools together are brewing up some bipartisanship to slash the federal excise tax on small beer producers. The sudsy collaboration invited quips from two senators who rarely agree but are together behind this bill. "If beer can't do it, nothing can!" enthused Chuck Schumer. "Maybe if we drink more of it, we'd have a better level of bipartisanship," added Richard Burr. Read more»

It's COLD out there. Real cold. But we're gonna play football, right? Cause football ain't... tennis. Read more»

Lederhosen's one thing, Bavarians say, but spare us the commercialism. As with most cultural festivals that go global, Oktoberfest has branded, packaged and exported Bavaria's culture of drinking beer at long trestle tables, playing oompah music, eating pretzls and pork-knuckle, and wearing Lederhosen and Dirnln, the frilly women's dresses. Read more»

A trio of beers at the Great British Beer Festival.

It’s not easy to hear conversations over the clinking of glasses and raucous banter that fills the hangar-like Great British Beer Festival, but this year among the thousands gathered to toast their beloved warm beers, there is talk of heresy. Bold American craft beers are giving traditional British drafts a run for their money. Read more»

Why is it every time I spill a little beer, our kitchen floor becomes a refuge for the oppressed 18th century French? Read more»

From politicomix.blogspot.com

It's a sordid tale with the goods to placate the gods of news. A model. Booze. Religion. Caning (yes, being beaten repeatedly by a rattan stick). An impassioned appeal by human rights advocates. A willing sacrifice. Here's the skinny: Read more»