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2 soldiers died by suicide on Arizona border deployments

Two soldiers who were found dead this month in Southern Arizona each died from self-inflicted gunshot wounds, officials determined. Both were among the active-duty troops deployed as border enforcement.... Read more»

Former gov. hopeful Barry Hess reposts Neo-Nazi screed, says 'Anne Frank' a forgery

A former Libertarian Party candidate for Arizona governor, Barry Hess, shared on Facebook an anti-Semitic screed by a notorious Holocaust-denying Neo-Nazi on Thursday, calling the "Diary of Anne Frank" a forged work of "Jewish propaganda"... Read more»

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More dodges, weaves than jabs in Az gov debate

Updated with video: What's likely to be the only live gubernatorial debate in Tucson had the three candidates sticking more to their talking points than trading punches Thursday. Fred DuVal, Doug Ducey and Barry Hess answered questions for about 90 minutes, but none were caught against the ropes as they repeated their campaign pitches.... Read more»2

Opponents of new election law say they have sigs to force statewide vote

Voter-advocacy groups seeking a referendum to overturn a sweeping new state election law delivered more than 146,000 petition signatures Wednesday to the Secretary of State’s Office. Needing 86,405 valid signatures to qualify for the ballot, leaders said they had more than enough to put the issue to voters in November 2014.... Read more»1

Brewer lead over Goddard slips to 3 points

Incumbent Gov. Jan Brewer's lead over challenger Terry Goddard has slipped to just 3 points in a new Rocky Mountain Poll. More than one in five — 21 percent — are still undecided, said the survey.... Read more»

Proposition 111

Prop. 111 would create Lt. Gov. title, require party ticket

Four years ago, few Arizonans would have supported a Janet Napolitano/Jan Brewer ticket. But under the state's current succession plan, Brewer, the Republican secretary of state, replaced the departing Democratic governor in 2009. That would change if supporters of Prop. 111 have their way.... Read more»


Politics for Dummies: Arizona gubernatorial edition

It's like a Zen koan: if a governor joins a debate, but doesn't say anything, is she debating?... Read more»

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Debating 101: Who I am and what I stand for

"It was the longest 16 seconds of my life," said Governor Jan Brewer after what were, undoubtedly, the longest 16 seconds of her life.... Read more»

Brewer: 'Longest 16 seconds of my life'

The pause heard 'round the world? Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer's 16-second pause at the beginning of Wednesday's debate between candidates for governor has gone viral. Here's your chance to watch the entire video.... Read more»2