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What the Devil won't tell you

Nanos' candidacy part of a bigger problem in Pima politics

It snows more often in Tucson than new blood washes through a county department, which is what elections are supposed to provide. It would be nice to elect people to run the county who didn't draw a public paycheck prior to being placed in office. ... Read more»1

What the Devil won't tell you

What revolution? Primary is good news for Bronson

Staunch conservatives taking control of the liberal Pima County government looked doable. Then votes got counted Tuesday. The big winner of the primary election would seem to be (right now ... hedge, hedge) Sharon Bronson. If the Tea Party/Trump revolution is coming, it may be bypassing us.... Read more»1

LaWall campaign's use of TUSD print shop may cross legal lines

Pima County Attorney Barbara LaWall has for years paid the TUSD print shop to produce election materials — a practice that may be barred by state law, and that the school district said would be halted after TucsonSentinel.com pointed it out.... Read more»

$1.5 million grant to help reduce Pima jail population

Enhanced pretrial screening, substance abuse and mental health treatment options and more electronic monitoring are part of a plan to help cut the occupancy of the Pima County jail by almost 20 percent over the next three years. The $3.1 million project will be supported by a $1.5 million grant from the MacArthur Foundation.... Read more»

What the Devil won't tell you

We could use another fight out of Sugar Ray

Ray Carroll was always at his best and most endearing in the fight rather than outside of it. Sugar Ray was a boxer growing up, and it showed in how he did the job when he was doing it the way it should be done — from his steadfast resolve against sales taxes to his early defense of MLK's legacy and desert conservation.... Read more»2

County attorney backs Uber promo to deter DUIs

The Pima County Attorney's Office is backing a promo by ride-booking service Uber that offers first-time riders $20 off their trip. Barbara LaWall said that she hopes “people will enjoy their holiday celebrations and also be responsible and take a free ride.”... Read more»

Buckmaster Show

Buckmaster: Protecting your digital assets

An interview with Pima County Attorney Barbara LaWall. Then, Doug Baker of International Consulting and Engineering talked about protecting your digital assets. Next, we talked with Barbara Brown of the Community Foundation for Southern Arizona. Plus, Tom Collier, Buckmaster consumer contributor.... Read more»

John C. Scott

J.C. Scott: Pima County attorney explains programs

An interview with Pima County Attorney Barbara LaWall, plus Community Justice Supervisor Brandy Finley, Angela Haket, NFJ Board Member, Det. Kurt Kreutz, and Michelle Quiroz, CJB Board Member.... Read more»

Louis Taylor: 'Persevered through grace of God'

An emotional Louis Taylor maintained his innocence while explaining his decision to plead no contest in the 1970 Hotel Pioneer fire the day after a hearing before Arizona Judge Richard Fields set him free after 42 years behind bars. (with video)... Read more»2

Louis Taylor freed after 42 years behind bars

The man convicted of starting the 1970 Pioneer Hotel fire that killed 29 people walked free Tuesday after spending 42 years in prison. With legal advocates raising questions about the case against him, 59-year-old Louis Taylor accepted an agreement with prosecutors in which he pleaded no contest to 28 counts of felony murder and received credit for time served.... Read more»

Taylor to go free after plea in 1970 Pioneer Hotel fire

Louis Taylor pleaded no contest Tuesday to 28 counts of felony murder in the 1970 Pioneer Hotel fire as part of a deal that will see him set free after 42 years behind bars. Pima County Attorney Barbara LaWall told a judge Monday that with a retrial impossible, he should accept a deal in the case.... Read more»5

Buckmaster Show

Buckmaster: Fewer young people landing behind bars

The Monday Political Face-Off featured commentators John Munger and Vince Rabago. Also, we talked with Pima County Attorney Barbara LaWall, and Republican Tucson City Council candidate Ben Buehler-Garcia.... Read more»

John C. Scott Show

J.C. Scott: Tucson remembers Jan. 8

Interviews with Jan. 8 survivors, law enforcement, and victims' families and advocates, including County Attorney Barbara LaWall, Kent Burbank, Vanessa Helms, Mark Kimble, Shelly Gibbons, Bill Carnegie, Jim Tucker, Doris Tucker, Mary Reed, Tom McMahon, Pat Maisch, and Suzie Hileman... Read more»

Courthouse dogs add dose of kindness when victims testify

Officials in Maricopa and Pima counties are among those using so-called courthouse dogs to help calm crime victims who are talking with authorities or testifying in court. Handlers say the dogs lead to testimony that's more likely to result in prison sentences for offenders.... Read more»

John C. Scott Show

J.C. Scott: LaWall, Cox and Napier interviewed

An interview with Pima County Attorney Barbara LaWall, the incumbent Democrat, along with Dustin Cox, a Democratic candidate for state Houe in LD9, talk show host Emil Franzi, and Mark Napier, a Republican candidate for Pima County sheriff.... Read more»

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