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Ducey signs sequel to repeat-offender bill he vetoed in 2019

First-time offenders who commit multiple felonies on different dates will get lighter sentences after Gov. Doug Ducey signed legislation similar to a bill he vetoed two years ago. ... Read more»

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New Legislature, new opportunities for Arizona criminal justice reform

The new Legislature brings new opportunities for a criminal justice reform movement that’s stalled out at the Capitol over the past couple years — and perhaps some new obstacles, as well.... Read more»

LaWall won't charge TPD officers in April death of Carlos Ingram-Lopez

Three former Tucson cops won't face criminal charges in the April death of Carlos Ingram-Lopez, who died while being held down as he begged for water and told them he couldn't breathe.... Read more»

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Pima County poised to lurch Left after night of the living woke

The progressive base is taking over Democratic party politics and looks to be taking Pima County with it.... Read more»3

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Conover campaign: How committed is Jonathan Mosher to 2nd chances?

Pima County Attorney candidate Jonathan Mosher has been talking about second chances a lot lately. There are many details that belie this narrative. — Kat Stratford, a campaigner for county attorney candidate Laura Conover.... Read more»

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Everlove: Next Pima County attorney can't be product of previous failed policies

While Jonathan Mosher has been on the job, the Pima County Attorney's Office headed by Barbara LaWall has consistently resisted meaningful criminal justice reform, exacerbating the mass incarceration that exists in this state. ... Read more»4

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Fein: A change is needed for Pima County's attorney

We need to break the 44-year Neely-LaWall stranglehold on that office and move in a new direction with more accountability for for the citizens of Pima County. Laura Conover is the person to do it. ... Read more»2

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ACLU: County attorneys are powerful: Their prosecuting pasts matter

For the first time since 1996, Pima County will elect a new county attorney. The county attorney holds the most powerful position in the criminal legal system, deciding who goes to prison and for how long. ... Read more»1

Supreme Court won't hear appeal of Louis Taylor over Pioneer Hotel arson sentence

The man who spent more than 40 years behind bars despite claiming his innocence in the 1970 Pioneer Hotel arson fire that killed nearly 30 people has been turned away by the U.S. Supreme Court. Louis Taylor cannot sue for damages, the justices said.... Read more»

Sahuarita declines to release name of online-threat suspect

Sahuarita police have declined to release the name of the teenager arrested after an online threat led to the closure of nine Sahuarita schools Oct.1, saying they want to protect his identity because of negative comments on social media.... Read more»

Pima County Attorney Barbara LaWall won't seek 7th term

Barbara LaWall, first elected as the top prosecutor in Pima County in 1996, announced Friday that she won't seek another term in 2020. She'll serve through the end of next year.... Read more»

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Kozachik: No justice for Genna in plea deal for her shooting death

"Genna should finally get her day in court, and many of us hope justice will be served, even if it’s seven years late in coming." — Councilman Steve Kozachik, urging a judge to reject a plea deal and move forward with a trial in the shooting death of Genna Ayup.... Read more»3

Court: Louis Taylor cannot collect for 42 years behind bars in Pioneer fire case

A Tucson man who spent years in prison on 28 arson-related murder counts that were later vacated cannot now collect damages for the time he spent behind bars, a federal appeals court ruled Thursday.... Read more»

Man indicted for kidnappings, murders of Isabel Celis & Maribel Gonzales

Christopher Clements, 36, was indicted Friday on 22 counts for allegedly kidnapping and murdering Isabel Celis and Maribel Gonzales, who disappeared in a two-year period in Tucson beginning in 2012.... Read more»

What the Devil won't tell you

As goes Billy Kovacs, so go Pima Democrats

Billy Kovacs is going to lose. Billy Kovacs is the future of the Democratic Party in Southern Arizona. Reconciling those two truisms is the biggest challenge the party faces, here, statewide and nationally because they could use some new blood. ... Read more»6

Atty General to investigate Pima Sheriff's Dep't use of RICO funds

The Arizona Attorney General's Office has agreed to review whether any state laws have been violated by the Pima County Sheriff's Department use of RICO funds. The probe follows the sentencing of ex-Chief Deputy Chris Radtke on federal charges over the department's use of seized funds... Read more»

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