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LGBTQ community, people of color in the crosshairs of banned book movement

Hundreds of books across dozens of states are being banned - and a majority of the bans feature books written by authors who are people of color, LGBTQ+, Black and Indigenous, and feature characters from marginalized groups.... Read more»

Arizona House Republicans pass bill to prohibit sexually explicit materials in schools

The Republican-controlled House passed a measure Thursday that would ban sexually explicit materials in K-12 classrooms across the state.... Read more»

Republicans advance bill banning descriptions of sex, homosexuality in Arizona schools

Republicans backed a bill that would ban books like “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings,” “1984” and “The Great Gatsby” from Arizona schools because they contain frank descriptions of sex and sexuality - that critics say would effectively make it illegal to teach about homosexuality.... Read more»1

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Which books do conservatives want to use as kindling?

In recent months, a growing number of school boards in red states have been calling for the removal of literature from library and classroom shelves - here's some of the provocateurs of prose up for conservative kindling, and a range of grievances.... Read more»

Ban lifted on Mark Twain's 'Eve's Diary'

It's Banned Books Week, and to celebrate, a Massachusetts public library has added to its selection a Mark Twain book that has been off limits for more than a century.... Read more»