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U.S. bankruptcy law governs Indian tribes, 1st Circuit rules

A First Circuit decision that Indian tribes can be sued for ignoring the rules of federal bankruptcy law - an issue that has divided other federal appeals courts - could prompt the U.S. Supreme Court to take up the matter and resolve it once and for all. ... Read more»

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The federal government will now give PPP loans to borrowers in bankruptcy

The federal government has quietly reversed course on a policy that had kept thousands of businesses from applying for pandemic economic aid, with only weeks to go before funds are expected to run out. ... Read more»

How a federal agency excluded thousands of viable businesses from pandemic relief

The Small Business Administration refuses to give pandemic relief loans to people who have filed for bankruptcy, even if their businesses can survive. In December, Congress allowed the Small Business Administration to give exceptions to some debtors. ... Read more»

Tucson Diocese being sued for racketeering over alleged sex abuse

A federal lawsuit accuses the Tucson Diocese and Los Angeles Diocese of violating Arizona’s racketeering laws by burying allegations that some priests sexually abused children and moving those priests from parish to parish instead of turning them over to law enforcement. ... Read more»

Factchecking the spin on Trump’s taxes

Donald Trump’s top surrogates took to the Sunday talk shows to put the best spin on a New York Times story about the GOP presidential nominee reporting a loss of $916 million on his personal income taxes in 1995. The large loss, the Times reported, could have allowed Trump to avoid paying federal income taxes for up to 18 years.... Read more»

At Capital One, easy credit and abundant lawsuits

A ProPublica analysis of state court filings reveals that Capital One sues its customers far more than any other bank. ... Read more»


New Fed study says health reform can reduce financial stress

Study of Massachusetts health law cited personal bankruptcy reduction, fewer delinquencies, improved credit scores... Read more»

Two DOE electric car loans, two different paths

They are two cutting-edge electric car makers, headquartered in California and backed by powerhouses of politics and money. In 2009, each secured half-billion dollar loan commitments from President Obama’s Department of Energy to help transform their clean-energy cars from drawing boards to showrooms.... Read more»


Potter: ObamaCare's crucial benefits

Politicians who are promising to repeal ObamaCare won’t find any evidence in the Kaiser Family Foundation’s analysis of health insurance costs that the law has caused premiums to skyrocket, as many of those politicians have contended.... Read more»

Daily Star parent reports $1.5 million 3Q loss

Lee Enterprises, the troubled parent company of the Arizona Daily Star and about 50 other newspapers, reported a $1.5 million third-quarter loss, lower than last year's 3Q loss of $155 million. But the company's revenues fell 4.3 percent, and employment was down 7.5 percent.... Read more»4

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Goldwater: A tale of two cities—in debt

Policymakers across the nation owe it to taxpayers to consider the importance of limiting public debt, particularly for risky ventures that provide more benefit to private interests or government unions than the public at large. ... Read more»1

Grieving father struggles to pay dead son’s student loans

Francisco Reynoso is suffering a Kafkaesque ordeal in which he's hounded to repay loans that funded an education his dead son will never get to use — loans that he has little hope of ever paying off.... Read more»2

Mexican firm's bankruptcy case has cross-border impact

Investors and financial analysts have their eyes on a bankruptcy case, pending in a Dallas courtroom, that they say could systematically shift how American firms do business with Mexican companies. ... Read more»

Daily Star parent reports $26 million Q2 loss

Lee Enterprises, the beleaguered parent of the Arizona Daily Star, reported a $26.6 million second-quarter loss, mostly related to its recent bankruptcy, with advertising dipping another 5.3 percent the period ending March 25.... Read more»1

Daily Star parent's bankruptcy plan gets court OK

A federal judge gave the nod Monday to a plan that puts off the day of reckoning for newspaper chain Lee Enterprises, the publisher of the Arizona Daily Star, St. Louis Post-Dispatch and some 50 other newspapers. Lee now has more time to pay off its $1 billion debt.... Read more»1

Eastman Kodak, storied camera maker, files for bankruptcy

Eastman Kodak Co., which brought photography to the masses with the first hand-held camera — the $1 Brownie Camera — almost a century ago, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in New York on Thursday.... Read more»

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