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This petition is one of several dozen calling for specific states to secede from the union. They have been posted on a White House website, 'We the People,' that allows people to put up petitions and seek a response from the administration.

Arizona has been in the union more than a century, but some residents appear to want out after the last election. A petition to let the state secede went up on the White House website Saturday, and by Tuesday it already had received more than half of the 25,000 signatures needed to trigger an official response. Read more» 2

Hugh Holub died early Monday at age 65.

I knew the legend of Hugh Holub before I ever met the man. It would be an exaggeration to say that Hugh taught me everything I know. However, it would be perfectly fair to say that what he said made a lot of things make more sense. Read more» 1

Hugh Holub, with daughters Annie and Beth, in December

The father of the tongue-in-cheek push for Southern Arizona statehood, Hugh Holub, died Monday morning from complications following a three-week bout with pneumonia, his daughter said. Read more» 2

The Daily Show's Aasif Mandvi read a mock Declaration of Independence for Baja Arizona while taping a segment on Start Our State in April. The bit was shelved 'because we're too serious about this,' said organizer Paul Eckerstrom.

Activists who want Southern Arizona to break away from the rest of the state will symbolically declare their independence from Phoenix on Saturday. Start Our State will celebrate the signing of the Declaration of Independence 235 years ago at the Rialto Theatre, organizers said. Read more»

Jimmy Zuma breaks down the Baja Arizona movement: Arizona steps out in front with a smart new public policy idea. It's an idea that's even bigger than anyone guesses. Read more» 2

Supporters of statehood for Southern Arizona will rally downtown and on 4th Avenue on Friday, organizers said. Read more»

Start Our State committee members were interviewed by the Daily Show's Aasif Mandvi on Thursday.

Leaving Arizona? While much of the media (read: the Daily Show is in town) treats possible statehood for Southern Arizona as a prank, members of a group seeking to separate from Arizona say they're serious. Read more»

Paul Eckerstrom is a man with a (potentially very time-consuming) plan... to secede from Arizona and form America's 51st state. Read more»

The Pima County Courthouse in Tucson is one place Start Our State considers a potential new state capitol.

Pima County politicians have joked about the idea of political separation from more-conservative Maricopa County for decades. But the Legislature's recent moves on topics including immigration caused some to stop laughing and form a committee advocating that the county separate from Arizona. (with video) Read more» 16