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GOP lawmakers, ALEC urge feds not to 'bail out' states

Several Republican lawmakers from Arizona are urging the federal government not to provide funding to states and cities that are coping with the economic consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic, even as Arizona faces a projected budget deficit of more than a billion dollars.... Read more»

The bailout: By the actual numbers

While Democrats paint a glowing picture of the bailout, this Bailout Tracker database tells the whole story. A look at the biggest losses and gains stemming from the TARP and Fannie, Freddie bailout. ... Read more»1

Obama defends auto industry bailout

President Barack Obama defended his auto industry bailout on Tuesday, while speaking to the United Auto Workers on the same day as Republican presidential hopefuls who criticized the bailout faced voters in Michigan.... Read more»1


Austerity in Greece

Tens of thousands of Greeks took to the streets in sometimes violent protest against the passage of an austerity bill that will earn the country a bailout from the EU.... Read more»

Fannie Mae CEO resigns

Fannie Mae’s CEO Michael J. Williams stepped down from his position on Tuesday. He was appointed to the job in 2009 after the company was bailed out by the federal government.... Read more»

Greek PM expected to resign

Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou is expected to resign from his position after the nation's new coalition government has been formed, a spokesman from his party said Sunday.... Read more»

France, Germany tell Greece to decide on euro zone

France and Germany ordered Greece on Wednesday to make up its mind on whether it wants to remain part of the euro zone.... Read more»

BofA cancels debit card fees

Bank of America announced Tuesday it has planned to drop its $5 monthly fee for debit card use. This latest move was spurred by the negative customer feedback Bank of America received after its debit-card fee announcement... Read more»

Biden says he understands Occupy Wall Street

As Occupy D.C. protesters held their first rally at Freedom Plaza in Washington, D.C. on Thursday, Vice President Joe Biden told an audience at an event nearby that he understood the Occupy Wall Street movement’s motivations: “The middle class has been screwed."... Read more»

Think again

Wall Street wins (and whines)

Close readers of The New York Times will have noticed a disagreement among its reporters on whether Wall Street bankers are pleased or peeved with the treatment they've received from the Obama administration.... Read more»

Factcheck: Romney wrong on deficits, auto bailout

Republican presidential contender Mitt Romney wrongly claimed deficits “multiplied … by a factor of four or five” under President Barack Obama. He also incorrectly stated that auto companies have repaid only a "small" share of the government bailout money.... Read more»1

Factchecking Pawlenty

Former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty released a web video, announcing that he was running for president, and he'll kick off his campaign in Iowa. In recent months, we have found him straying from the facts.... Read more»

Cheat sheet: Where the Fed’s trillions went

A provision in the financial reform law forced the Federal Reserve to disclose the details of the trillions it lent out at the height of the recent financial crisis.... Read more»

China grabs a chunk of GM (at U.S. taxpayer expense)

Tucked away in the euphoria over General Motors' stock offering is the news that the Chinese government is now one of the company's largest shareholders, with a stake valued at about $500 million. Should you be worried?... Read more»


‘Bailout’ baloney: Serving up loaded word to spin public

This campaign season, "bailout" is a dirty — and often misused — word. Those who abuse the word "bailout" aren't appealing to logic, or trying to describe what they oppose accurately. They are seeking to trigger a gut response in an audience inclined to recoil instinctively at the word, and hoping nobody stops to think or ask questions.... Read more»

The return of Detroit?

Detroit is an easy target for anyone looking to skewer the city as some kind of Motown-meets-Mogadishu. The story is, of course, an old one. So it was encouraging to hear the news out of "The D" this week.... Read more»