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Madres de niños afroamericanos con autismo ofrecen apoyo y orientación a otras familias

La Conferencia Afroamericana sobre Discapacidad, organizada por el Centro de Arizona para la Ley de Discapacidad y el Centro de Arizona para Recursos Afroamericanos, ofreció orientación a las familias de color sobre cómo obtener el apoyo y los servicios que necesitan.... Read more»

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La alta demanda de perros de servicio crea un mercado salvaje y a veces fraudulento

La demanda de perros de servicio se ha disparado, pero esta demanda ha abrumado a los entrenadores sin fines de lucro y ayudó a lanzar una industria de perros de servicio con fines de lucro con etiquetas de precios elevados.... Read more»

Demand for service dogs unleashes a 'Wild West' market

Demand for service dogs has exploded as they have proved adept at helping children and adults with an increasing range of disabilities, but this demand has overwhelmed nonprofit trainers and unmet needs have helped launch a for-profit service dog industry with hefty price tags.... Read more»

Mothers of children who are Black and autistic help other families find their voices

The African American Conference on Disability - hosted by the Arizona Center for Disability Law and the Arizona Center for African American Resources - provided a forum to share experiences and offer guidance to families of color about getting the support and services they need.... Read more»

Niños con discapacidades enfrentan retos especiales por covid al regresar a la escuela

El regreso a la escuela plantea problemas de salud para muchos de niños y adultos jóvenes que corren un riesgo de episodios de COVID-19, y las escuelas deben estar más atentas al uso de máscaras, la higiene de las manos y el distanciamiento social con aquellos alumnos.... Read more»

Children with disabilities face special back-to-school challenges

The return to school raises health issues for many of the roughly 7 million U.S. children and young adults who are at increased risk for serious bouts of COVID-19, and schools have to be more vigilant about mask-wearing, hand hygiene and social distancing with those students.... Read more»

Arizona's expanded Silver Alert system helps those with developmental disabilities

Silver Alerts allow DPS to reach more people via phone notifications, broadcast alerts on TV and radio, and highway signs.... Read more»

En una casa de Arizona, dos hermanos con discapacidad tuvieron experiencias pandémicas opuestas

La pandemia ha sido un desafío mayor para los padres de niños con discapacidad, pero la disparidad es más grande aún para los estudiantes de color - pero al mismo tiempo, la pandemia ha empoderado a las familias que habían sido privadas de sus derechos.... Read more»

In one Arizona home, two brothers with disabilities had opposite pandemic experiences

The pandemic has been a big challenge for many parents of children with disabilities, and the disparity is even greater for students of color - but at the same time, the pandemic has empowered some families who have been traditionally marginalized.... Read more»

Ice cream & puppets: Arts grant funds Arizona family's mobile theater

With help from a grant from the Arizona Commission on the Arts, Stacey Gordon - the puppeteer behind one of “Sesame Street’s” neighbors and owner and operator of Puppet Pie, a downtown studio where she builds puppets available for purchase - Gordon is restoring and modifying an ice cream truck to be used as a mobile puppet studio.... Read more»

Doctors raise concerns over the safety of 'keepsake' ultrasound photos

The FDA has repeatedly urged pregnant women to avoid medically unnecessary ultrasounds, saying it is aware of “several enterprises” in the U.S. that perform ultrasounds on pregnant women for entertainment’s sake and then sell the images as keepsake photographs and videos.... Read more»

Low pay makes disability caregivers a ‘workforce in crisis’

Arizona fared relatively well in a national report card on its level of care for people with developmental disabilities, but advocates fear those services are being threatened by low pay and high turnover rates for caregivers. ... Read more»

Public health vs. parent choice: The vaccination debate in Arizona

Health officials warn that vaccination rates are deteriorating across Arizona, risking public health as parents continue to opt out of immunizations.... Read more»


Measles: Why it’s so deadly, and why vaccination is so vital

Some people believe measles is a benign, childhood disease that causes a bit of a rash. But the disease is one nasty "little bag of destruction" that will thrive in naive populations — and it's back with a vengeance. ... Read more»

Debunking false 'vaccines cause autism' claim

Q: Has the FDA announced that vaccines cause autism? A: No. FDA statements are grounded in scientific evidence. There is no evidence that vaccination is linked to autism.... Read more»

FactCheck: Has autism prevalence increased?

President Trump said there has been a “tremendous” increase in autism in U.S. children. There has been a large increase in the reported cases of autism, but scientists don’t know if this is due to a broadening of the disorder’s definition and greater efforts in diagnosis or an actual increase in the number of individuals who have autism.... Read more»

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