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What the Devil won't tell you

Pride of Arizona: Claiming the James Webb Space Telescope as Tucson's own

The Webb telescope is technically a global collaboration. For bar bets and bragging rights, this puppy is ours. Just stamp Wilbur Wildcat's face on the Webb sunshield and be done with it.... Read more»

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Discovery of Pluto at Flagstaff observatory continues to inspire 92 years later

The same finding that brought astronomical fame to Flagstaff and the Tombaugh family has provided Lowell Observatory with a tradition they hope to continue for generations by celebrating one of the city’s defining scientific moments - the 92nd anniversary of the discovery of Pluto.... Read more»

New federal data shows UA ranked 35th in research funding

The University of Arizona conducted more than $761 million in research during Fiscal Year 2020, ranking in the top 4 percent of all colleges and universities.... Read more»


UA astronomer: How we sent a giant telescope to space — and why

The James Webb Space Telescope was launched into space on Dec. 25, 2021, and with it, astronomers hope to find the first galaxies to form in the universe, will search for Earthlike atmospheres around other planets and accomplish many other scientific goals. ... Read more»

'A tale of two comets' — Webb telescope rocket plume & Comet Leonard on Christmas Day

Photographed from Thailand after its Dec. 25 launch, the rocket that carried the James Webb Space Telescope shows off its plume next to the more distant Comet Leonard.... Read more»

UA black-hole researchers await Christmas Day launch of NASA telescope

When the James Webb Space Telescope finally gets launched into position and points toward the cosmos this month, University of Arizona researchers will begin investigating the brightest beacons in the universe. ... Read more»

UA astronomers find key to mysterious near earth objects may be the moon

A near earth-object vexed University of Arizona astronomers until their inspiration was struck by moonlight.... Read more»

Painstaking search for new planets begins on a mountaintop near Tucson

The NEID spectrometer, one of the most precise instruments for detecting planets and being used at the Kitt Peak National Observatory on the Tohono O’odham Nation west of Tucson, is looking for Earth-like planets outside our solar system.... Read more»

UA to lead space telescope mission to learn how galaxies evolve, form stars

NASA has chosen the University of Arizona to lead a space telescope mission meant to better understand how galaxies and stars form. ... Read more»

UA astronomers find 'planet' that vanished didn't actually exist

What astronomers thought was a planet beyond our solar system has now seemingly vanished from sight, suggesting that what was heralded as one of the first exoplanets to ever be discovered with direct imaging likely never existed. ... Read more»

'Super blue blood moon' eclipsed over Tucson

Tucsonans looking skyward Wednesday morning got a rare treat: a trio of lunar phenomena could be seen as a total lunar eclipse occurred during a blue moon and a supermoon. ... Read more»


Photos: Tucson kids watch solar eclipse

Kids at Borton Magnet Elementary School watch the partial eclipse of the sun on Monday morning. ... Read more»

UA scientists play key role in NASA’s new Webb telescope

The next generation of space telescopes will launch next year, and two University of Arizona scientists helped create critical instruments attached to the telescope that they hope will detect the beginnings of the universe.... Read more»1

Ex-UA pres Shelton to focus on building world's largest telescope

The $1 billion Giant Magellan Telescope project in Chile, at 24.5 meters across, will be the world's largest telescope when it's completed in a decade. Heading up the development will be former UA President Robert Shelton. It "will help answer questions about our fundamental humanity, and why we're here on Earth."... Read more»

Spend Valentine's weekend under the Tucson stars

You can gaze skyward and perhaps spy a shooting star at "A Night Under the Stars" events this weekend at two local parks. Astronomy groups will offer assistance using telescopes at Canoa Ranch on Friday, and Tucson Mountain Park on Saturday.... Read more»

Arizona’s surge in dark sky places combats light pollution

Look up at the sky once the sun goes down. How many stars do you see? If you live in a city or suburb, probably very few. That’s because of light pollution, the brightening of the night sky due to excessive use of lighting – something that the Tucson-based International Dark Sky Association has fought for nearly 30 years.... Read more»

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