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Medical schools face calls for more change as states declare racism a threat to public health

Amid moves by some states to declare racism a public health issue, experts are looking to medical schools to identify strategies to improve care for people of color and eliminate disparities related to a patient’s race or ethnicity.... Read more»

Transgender patients face uphill battle for care amid discrimination, doctor shortage

Even today, obstacles to health care remain for the estimated 1.4 million adults in the United States who identify as transgender – in large part because of the lack of medical professionals who themselves are transgender and the discrimination patients face from other practitioners.... Read more»

Think twice before throwing doctors to the wind

In the world of primary care medicine, cheaper alternatives to physicians — most notably nurse practitioners — themselves have a significant level of training. In a growing number of states, nurse practitioners are being allowed to practice independently rather than, as traditionally has been the case, under the supervision of a physician. However, that there really are significant differences in training between physicians and nurse practitioners.... Read more»

Electronic medical records probed for over-billing

The Obama administration is forging ahead with a multi-billion dollar plan to shift from paper to electronic medical records, despite continuing concerns the program may be prompting some doctors and hospitals to improperly bill higher fees to Medicare. ... Read more»