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Se insta a las personas de color a registrarse para la donación de órganos

Los defensores están alentando a las personas de color a que se conviertan en donantes de órganos; aunque los órganos no son compatibles según la raza o el origen étnico, los antecedentes raciales o étnicos similares pueden contribuir a una mejor compatibilidad.... Read more»

Gift of life: People of color urged to register for organ donation

At the national and local level, advocates are doing more to encourage people of color to become organ donors - while organs are not matched according to race or ethnicity, racial or ethnic background may make for a better match, particularly in the case of certain immune markers. ... Read more»


The pandemic’s unequal toll on people of color underlines U.S. health inequities

Research shows the pandemic’s unequal toll on communities of color has been driven by long-standing health inequities - and effectively addressing social determinants of health involves an equity-focused approach.... Read more»

Asians, other minorities fear attacks because of race, survey finds

One in four Asian households in the U.S. report fearing physical attacks and threats because of their race, according to a recent survey by NPR, and other minority households also reported fears for their safety. ... Read more»

Report: Census undercount may have missed 1.6 million in U.S., 48,000 in Arizona

The 2020 Census - particularly challenging with the COVID-19 pandemic and a heated political climate - may have missed more than 1.6 million Americans, about 48,000 of them in Arizona, with the undercount disproportionately falling on minority groups.... Read more»

After a spike in anti-Asian hate crimes, the government response stalls

Nearly two years since the COVID-19 pandemic unleashed anti-Asian backlash and almost seven months since legislation was passed to address it, little has been done - in large part from the Justice Department’s decision to first ask Congress for additional funding.... Read more»

Biden resumes spree of nominations to break barriers on the bench

Announcing nine appointments to the federal bench, the White House touted President Joe Biden on Wednesday for continuing a judicial-nominating commitment that recognizes diverse professional and racial backgrounds. ... Read more»

Staying afloat: How Asian communities helped their small businesses survive COVID-19

The pandemic devastated small businesses across the country, but as the federal government stepped in to help, some Asian-owned businesses found the best relief came from the community rather than Congress.... Read more»

COVID vaccine hesitancy drops among all Americans, new survey shows

A new poll of attitudes toward COVID vaccinations shows Americans are growing more enthusiastic about being vaccinated, with the most positive change in the past month occurring among Black Americans. About 55% of Black adults said they had been vaccinated or plan to be soon, up 14 percentage points from February, according to a poll released Tuesday by KFF. ... Read more»

‘Words matter’: Asian Americans frightened, frustrated by continued hate crimes

Atlanta police say it’s too early to say whether last week’s shooting rampage, which left six women of Asian descent dead, was a hate crime. But there’s no question that hate is on the rise for many Asian Americans, who are frightened but not surprised by such attacks. Reports of discrimination extend to the beginning of the pandemic, when the former president began mocking and vilifying Asians by describing COVID-19 as “kung flu” or “the China virus,” but they have worsened in 2021. ... Read more»

‘Othered’: Coronavirus fears spur bias against Asian Americans

Dozens of airlines have canceled flights to China in the wake of the novel coronavirus outbreak, but at least one Asian American traveler is skipping his summer trip to the Philippines to avoid a spreading social illness: racism. ... Read more»


What Linsanity reveals about our nation

Many have succombed to Linsanity — the excitement surrounding New York Knicks player Jeremy Lin. Unfortunately, his celebrity carries a racial edge to it.... Read more»