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Soldado Búfalo asciende a general: el primer coronel negro comandó Ft. Huachuca en 1917

El Ejército de EE.UU. ascendió al Col. Young, el legendario oficial negro de los Soldados Búfalo, un siglo después de su muerte. Luchó contra Pancho Villa y comandandó Ft. Huachuca en 1917. ... Read more»

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Buffalo Soldier finally promoted to general: Army's first Black colonel commanded Ft. Huachuca a century ago

The U.S. Army's first Black colonel, Charles Young, died a century ago after serving as the commander of Ft. Huachuca, but was just recognized with a promotion to brigadier general.... Read more»

After 71 years, soldier killed in Korean War buried with Tucson family on Veterans Day

The ashes of Korean War casualty Army Pfc. Glenn Collins, killed in the Battle of Chosin Reservoir, were returned to his family in Tucson in a Veterans Day ceremonial burial, 71 years after he was reported missing in the Korean War.... Read more»

FactCheck: FEMA staff and contracted medical workers required to follow vaccine mandate

The Federal Emergency Management Agency is deploying contracted medical workers to understaffed hospitals who are required to comply with COVID-19 vaccine mandates, despite false social media posts claiming the workers sent by FEMA are “exempt.”... Read more»

Tucson Councilman Fimbres inducted into Az Veterans Hall of Fame

Tucson City Councilman Richard Fimbres, who served in the Army for 27 years, was inducted into the Arizona Veterans Hall of Fame on Friday.... Read more»

A tale of two tent cities: Comparing the Fort Bliss sites for Afghans and migrant children

The sites housing foreign nationals at Fort Bliss look similar - both a maze of white tents plopped onto dusty desert terrain - but while members of the media were able to explore the site housing Afghan nationals, the same cannot be said for the tent city for detained migrant children.... Read more»


Republicans inflate cost of Taliban-seized U.S. military equipment

The Taliban seized an arsenal of U.S.-made military equipment, but not the grossly exaggerated figure of $85 billion worth of equipment numerous Republicans have claimed - that figure is the total amount spent on the Afghanistan Security Forces Fund since the war began in 2001.... Read more»

Getting educated while on active duty is getting harder as military rolls back benefits

While much of the attention to education benefits for service members focuses on veterans, most of the military’s 1.3 million active-duty personnel are also eligible for tuition assistance, but restrictions mean many service members have to wait for college until they leave the military.... Read more»

Remediation work continues at Az's border wall construction sites

The Army Corps of Engineers has continued remediation work along two sections of the border wall near Yuma, cleaning up the remnants of construction left by contractors during the last days of the Trump administration's rush to complete the boundary barrier. ... Read more»

5 transgender Az veterans discuss abuses, how political changes can alter lives

Five transgender veterans in Arizona speak on what it meant to serve in the military and witness the shifts in how their identities are viewed by the commander in chief, with the effects ranging from loss of status and benefits to traumatic experiences while in service, including sexual assault.... Read more»


Deported veterans press Biden to bring them back

Military service is supposed to qualify veterans for naturalization as U.S. citizens. The promise of naturalization is sometimes a recruiting strategy targeting immigrant communities. Yet some veterans are deported after being convicted of crimes related to struggles with PTSD and substance abuse.... Read more»

Sen. McSally, Mark Kelly clash over issues from COVID-19 to border security in debate

Kelly and McSally wielded the usual disdain of political opponents, accusing one another of misleading Arizonans while outlining their own familiar campaign stances in a debate that offered few surprises.... Read more»

Az deploying Nat'l Guard MPs to Wisconsin as Jacob Blake protests continue

About 150 military police from Arizona's National Guard are being sent to Wisconsin, after violent clashes in the wake of the shooting of a Black man in Kenosha have killed two others.... Read more»

Legal challenges to border wall continue – and so does construction

Conservationists expressed anger over the Supreme Court’s decision not to hear an appeal to stop construction of the border wall. But they’re moving ahead while monitoring construction as it chews through land marked by towering saguaros and habitat of the endangered jaguar.... Read more»

Two Arizona tribes, advocacy group join suits over EPA’s clean-water rule rollback

Two Arizona tribes and a Phoenix-based advocacy group joined a pair of lawsuits this week to reverse a Trump administration clean-water rule that critics said would open the “vast majority of Arizona’s waterways” to pollution and degradation.... Read more»

National Guard flew surveillance aircraft over Phoenix Black Lives Matter protests

The Arizona National Guard has been helping the Phoenix Police Department monitor Black Lives Matter protests using helicopters and an airplane that has been used for counter-drug operations along Arizona's border with Mexico.... Read more»

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