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Commission recommends new names for 9 Army bases to end ties to Confederacy

The group in charge of renaming military installations that have continued to honor Confederates - made up of eight individuals including retired military officers - proposed recommendations that show where changes are likely to occur in the final report. ... Read more»

Az lawmakers, House split in vote against transgender military ban

Two days after courts removed the last hurdle to a Trump administration ban on transgender military service, the House voted 238-185 Thursday to condemn the ban – but not block it.... Read more»

The huge drone that could not be grounded

A major defense contractor used campaign donations and insider access on Capitol Hill to defy the Air Force and keep a troubled drone aloft at a cost to taxpayers of billions of dollars ... Read more»

Busting into a bomb plant

An 82-year-old nun has upended the lax regulation of the U.S. nuclear weapons establishment.... Read more»