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Arizona justices to decide if public has right to see Cyber Ninja election 'audit' records

The Arizona Supreme Court heard arguments Tuesday over whether the Arizona Senate has the authority to conceal records from an "audit" of the 2020 presidential election that found President Joe Biden was lawfully elected. ... Read more»

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Arizona Supreme Court rejects 'insurrectionist' ballot challenge to Biggs, Gosar and Finchem

The Arizona Supreme Court flatly rejected an attempt to disqualify Republican Congressmen Andy Biggs and Paul Gosar and State Rep. Mark Finchem from the 2022 ballot for their alleged roles in the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol.... Read more»

Arizona Senate has spent $500,000 on election 'audit' legal fees

The Arizona Senate has spent more than $500,000 in taxpayer money related to the partisan election review it conducted in 2021, including on legal battles over public records and access to the audit facility.... Read more»

Voters can’t decide fate of massive tax cuts, Arizona Supreme Court rules

The Arizona Supreme Court has ruled that voters cannot determine the fate of a flat tax proposal that Republican lawmakers and Gov. Doug Ducey championed last year and designed to blunt the effect of the Invest in Education Act on wealthy Arizonans.... Read more»

Arizona Supreme Court to decide constitutionality of anonymous juries

The Arizona Supreme Court heard arguments Tuesday over whether there is a First Amendment right of access to the names of jurors - a case that stems from two COVID-era trials where juror names remained anonymous during and after the trial.... Read more»

Wanted: 'Lay person' to work on Arizona State Bar committee

The State Bar of Arizona’s Board of Governors is accepting applications from non-lawyers to fill one seat on the Bar’s Board of Legal Specialization.... Read more»

Attorneys question legal argument in AZGOP challenge to early voting law

The Arizona Republican Party is relying on “stray” language in the Arizona Constitution in what attorneys describe as a longshot challenge to overturn the state’s 31-year-old early voting law. ... Read more»

Bill to limit Arizona governor's emergency powers was sparked by Ducey's COVID orders

New legislation that limits the power of future Arizona governors to declare a public health emergency has passed the Senate Government Committee with a slim margin and now awaits debate by the full Senate.... Read more»

Ducey says education, water, border security will be top priorities for legislative session

Education, water and border security will be among the top agenda items Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey plans to highlight in his State of the State address on Monday, which will kick off his eighth and final legislative session. ... Read more»

Arizona Supreme Court to lawmakers: Non-budget laws can’t be in the budget

The Arizona Supreme Court issued a full opinion on its unanimous ruling from November that struck down substantial portions of last year’s state budget on the grounds that the bills violated a provision of the Arizona Constitution known as the single-subject rule.... Read more»

Religious gatekeeping in Arizona's red-rock country

Sedona's Enchantment Resort sits at the mouth of Boynton Canyon - a place sacred to the Yavapai-Apache people - effectively making the resort the gatekeeper to Indigenous lands, but it has recently been tone-deaf when it comes to their relationship with Native people.... Read more»

Income tax cut referendum qualifies for ballot, Arizona secretary of state says

The Arizona Secretary of State’s Office announced that the referendum effort on Gov. Ducey’s tax cut package, signed into law earlier this year, gathered more than the 118,823 signatures needed to block the tax cuts from going into effect unless voters approve them next year. ... Read more»1

Hobbs: Arizona parents should be 'partners' in the education system, not adversaries

Katie Hobbs, the frontrunner for the Democratic nomination in next year’s gubernatorial race, avoided a mistake that contributed to her party’s upset loss in Virginia this week, saying that Arizona parents should have a great deal of input into what their children learn in school.... Read more»

More than just school masks: All the laws tossed out by Az Supreme Court in 'log-rolling' ruling

A ban on face mask mandates and critical race theory in schools were highest-profile laws that were thrown out when the Arizona Supreme Court tossed numerous provisions of the state budget, but the list of new laws that are now off the books is far more extensive than that.... Read more»

Crisis in mental health care: A place that should know better

Arnold v. Sarn -a class action lawsuit that called for services for people with serious mental illness- ended in 2014 with an agreement that largely replaced “shall” with “may,” encouraging the system to try its best. Now Charles “Chick” Arnold, the lead plaintiff, says the agreement should have been more aggressive. ... Read more»

Maricopa County, Arizona Senate reach agreement to end subpoena fight over routers

The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors reached an agreement with the Senate over subpoenas issued for routers and digital logs, heading off a fight in the Arizona Supreme Court that could have potentially cost the county hundreds of millions of dollars.... Read more»

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