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University presidents pitch lawmakers on value of research

Investing in research infrastructure at Arizona’s public universities is essential for the state to be competitive, Arizona State President Michael M. Crow told lawmakers Wednesday.... Read more»

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Buckmaster Show

Buckmaster: County earmarks $20M for road repairs

Today on Buckmaster - Pima County Supervisor Ray Carroll, Joe Snell, of Tucson Regional Economic Opportunities Inc., and Dennis Hoffman, Arizona State University economist.... Read more»

Study: Academics more likely to donate to Democrats

When opening their wallets for congressional and presidential candidates, professors, administrators and staff at Arizona’s public universities and colleges are far more likely to donate to Democrats than Republicans, a Cronkite News Service review found.... Read more»

Facility's expansion puts Az at top of algae research

A five–fold expansion of the algae lab at Arizona State University’s Polytechnic campus will help move Arizona to the forefront of algae–based research and production, Gov. Jan Brewer said Tuesday.... Read more»1

Az's colleges would pay big price for guns on campuses

If Arizona's Legislature approves a bill allowing concealed weapons on campuses, university and community college presidents who want to keep guns out of their classrooms will have to pay a hefty price. And that price tag could reach up to $10 million for Arizona's three public universities.... Read more»5

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Buckmaster: Winds of change coming for Az economy

Today on Buckmaster - We kick off the show with a look at the Arizona economy with Arizona State University economist Dennis Hoffman. Then, certified financial planner Shelly Fishman has the Tuesday Money Maker Report. Next, aging expert Gale Morgan has her monthly report. Plus, historian Tom Sheridan discusses the revised edition of his book "Arizona: A History."... Read more»

Students rail against proposal on financial aid, tuition

A bill in the state Legislature would require full-time resident undergraduate students at Arizona's universities to pay at least $2,000 per year toward tuition and mandatory fees. ... Read more»

Bills would help establish Az as center for algae farming

Anticipating a day when Arizona becomes a leader in producing algae for biofuel, a Tucson lawmaker is pushing to have algae farms and related facilities defined — and taxed — like any corn field or packing plant.... Read more»

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Buckmaster: The new world of aging — living beyond 100

Today on Buckmaster — We kick off the show with a newsmaker interview with UA College of Science Dean Joaquin Ruiz. Also, Arizona State University Vice President Virgil Renzulli talks about the "Sun Corridor" economic development concept. Plus, Downtown Tucson Advocate Fletcher McCusker looks ahead to next month's Tucson centennial celebration. ... Read more»

UA, ASU drive production of algae biofuels

Arizona’s conditions are ideal for algae growth, with an average of 360 days of sunlight each year. Storing the heat increases the algae’s productivity. And UA and ASU are taking advantage of those conditions to move forward algae-based biofuel technology.... Read more»

Socccer notes

ASU soccer blanked by Texas Tech

Arizona State University dropped the first match of the Cats Classic Friday night after a second half fusillade from Texas Tech. Plus, FC Tucson firms up plans for next season; Pima College ends impressive road run.... Read more»

Prop. 300 crushing dreams of college educations

Universities and colleges in Arizona are seeing a drop in enrollment from potential students unable to prove citizenship. Children of illegal immigrants are blocked from scholarships, and forced to pay out-of-state tuition.... Read more»1

Latino parents dream of a better education for children

A growing number of organizations are trying to boost the academic achievement of Latinos by teaching parents the basics of the U.S. education system and how to prepare children for college.... Read more»

'Culture of fear' prompts Arizona immigrants to seek legal advice

Undocumented residents in Arizona and other states, worried about the crackdown on illegal immigration, are setting up legal protections in case they are deported.... Read more»

Law helps blood donations flow from teenagers

Teens have traditionally been active donors, but officials say donations from the age group have surged since a 2008 law lowered the minimum age for donors from 17 to 16 with parental consent.... Read more»

Partnership prepares women for top jobs in construction

The Advancing Women in Construction program at ASU, in its third year, places female students in internships, offers tours and exposes women to the variety of jobs in construction.... Read more»

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