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Vaccinated and restless, holiday travelers return at near-2019 levels

Travel experts say that with more people getting vaccinated and the grip of the COVID-19 pandemic easing, they expect the number of Memorial Day travelers to bounce back to almost pre-pandemic levels this holiday weekend.... Read more»

Az State Parks considers consolidating concession contracts

Arizona State Parks has hired a consultant to explore whether a single concessionaire for all 30 state parks would save money, offsetting several years of deep budget reductions.... Read more»

After lean years, Arizona State Parks looks to spruce up facilities

State parks around Arizona have faced lean times for the past several years as lawmakers grappled with the budget deficit. Now park officials and supporters would like to make some improvements. ... Read more»

After years of budget cuts, greener outlook for Arizona State Parks

After years of delivering deep cuts, lawmakers this session are discussing ways to give Arizona State Parks some more money and bring back a lottery-funded grant program the agency administered.... Read more»

Lawmaker: Funding state parks improvements now saves costs later

Delaying capital improvements needed after years of deep budget cuts to Arizona State Parks will only exacerbate the problems and increase future costs, a state lawmaker said last week. "If you don’t take care of your infrastructure, it’s like not taking care of your house and if you let that little $2 item go and don’t fix it, you end up with a $100 repair bill."... Read more»

Gas prices up slightly from last year's holiday weekend

More than 620,000 Arizonans will drive at least 50 miles for holiday travel this weekend, and that travel will be fueled by slightly lower gas prices over last year's holiday weekend.... Read more»

Bill to protect state parks wins Senate approval

A bill that would protect Arizona State Parks’ revenue from any further legislative sweeps was on its way to Gov. Jan Brewer’s desk Monday.... Read more»

Bill to protect State Parks revenue a step closer to law

A bill that would protect Arizona State Parks revenue from legislative sweeps skipped over the Senate Appropriations Committee on Tuesday, taking it one step closer to becoming law.... Read more»

Bill to protect State Parks revenue clears key hurdle

A bill that would protect Arizona State Parks from legislative sweeps of its gate and concession revenue won preliminary House approval Thursday after overcoming an attempt to narrow its scope. ... Read more»

Bill to protect State Parks revenue moves ahead

A bill that would protect Arizona State Parks revenues from budget sweeps and allow the agency to use the money for operations took its first step Thursday in the state House.... Read more»

Locals work to reopen Oracle State Park - once a week

Arizona State Parks hasn’t received state funding since 2009, and only nine of the state’s 29 public parks have stayed consistently open throughout the budget crisis. Thanks to $21,000 raised by a local group, Oracle State Park is reopening to the public, if only on Saturdays.... Read more»