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Arizona doctors ask high court to maintain pause on law banning selective abortions

Doctors fighting an Arizona law banning abortions based solely on a fetus’s race, sex, or genetics - passed by the Arizona legislature earlier this year but immediately blocked before it could be enforced - asked the Supreme Court to allow an injunction on the law to stand. ... Read more»

Arizona asks Supreme Court for leave to enforce ban on selective abortions

The emergency stay application is headed to Washington after the Ninth Circuit turned Arizona down. ... Read more»

Lawsuit challenges new Arizona abortion restrictions, 'personhood' provision

Abortion rights advocates are asking a federal court to block a sweeping new Arizona abortion law that they say grants civil rights to fetuses, embryos and fertilized human eggs and is set to take effect Sept. 29. ... Read more»

CDC: Masks, business limits helped curb spread of COVID-19 in Arizona

A CDC report Friday credited mask mandates and business restrictions for slowing the spread of COVID-19 in Arizona, reversing an early summer spike blamed on an early easing of restrictions.... Read more»

The winners and losers in Arizona’s $11.8 billion budget

Arizona’s $11.8 billion budget for fiscal 2020 — which was passed late Monday only after Republican lawmakers demanded changes to child sex-abuse laws — includes money for schools, infrastructure and health care. But other measures, including one that would have funded pregnancy crisis centers, were left out.... Read more»

Governor signs sweeping law to confront Arizona opioid crisis

Gov. Doug Ducey on Friday signed into law a sweeping plan to confront the opioid crisis that provides $10 million for treatment, restricts timetables for opioid prescriptions and protects from drug prosecution Good Samaritans who call for emergency help if someone overdoses.... Read more»

Report: Medicare cuts could cost thousands of Az healthcare jobs

Arizona could lose more than 9,800 health-care and other jobs next year if a 2 percent cut in Medicare takes effect Jan. 2 as part of the $1.2 trillion federal budget “sequestration,” a new report claims.... Read more»

Health benefit cuts begin; AHCCCS enrollment frozen

As state Sen. Kyrsten Sinema sees it, Arizona began taking “unconstitutional and unconscionable” action Friday against some of the state’s most-vulnerable residents. But as Chic Older of the Arizona Medical Association sees it, the state action is regrettable — but unavoidable.... Read more»

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Giffords: Bill will make it easier for doctors to stay in Medicare

For too many years, Congress has kicked the Medicare physician reimbursement can down the road, refusing to make the tough and fiscally responsible decisions needed to keep this crucial program afloat.... Read more»