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Earlier census data release won’t affect Arizona redistricting

The U.S. Census Bureau will release the population data that states need for redistricting four days earlier than expected, but it won’t change the Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission’s schedule for drawing new congressional and legislative maps.... Read more»

Arizona state lawmakers in D.C. lobby for voting rights legislation, end of filibuster

Arizona Democratic lawmakers traveled to the nation’s capital this week to lobby members of Congress to pass voting and election reform legislation and end the Senate filibuster, which has prevented important reforms to Democrats from passing with a simple majority. ... Read more»

Mapping tool lets people show communities of interest to Arizona IRC

The Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission has created a tool - available on its website - that allows people to map out their communities of interest, part of a survey to provide public input on what people would like to see from the redistricting process. ... Read more»

Shawnna Bolick, author of bill to reject voters’ presidential choice, running to be top Az elections official

State Rep. Shawnna Bolick, who sponsored legislation earlier this year that would have allowed the legislature to reject voters' selection in presidential races, is running to become Arizona's top elections official.... Read more»

Sweeping voting rights plan passes U.S. House

Voter-protection bill faces uphill fight in the U.S. Senate after eeking through the House on a largely party-line vote.... Read more»

Northern Arizona lawmaker resigns from legislature to join Biden administration

Arlando Teller, D-Chinle, has resigned from his seat at the state legislature to work with the Biden administration. Teller’s role with the Biden administration had not been publicly announced. ... Read more»

Az House Speaker Bowers revives bill to reform sex offender registry

House Speaker Rusty Bowers is taking another shot at passing legislation making it easier for some people to get their names off the state's sex offender registry.... Read more»

Pence sued over election results; Az's Kelli Ward among those signing on to lawsuit

A lawsuit filed Sunday in a Texas federal court by Texas Congressman Louie Gohmert, and several other Republicans including Arizona GOP Chairwoman Kelli Ward, are suing Vice President Mike Pence in one more attempt to overturn the results of the presidential election.... Read more»

Ruling sets up renewable energy fight between Az Corp Comm, lawmakers

The Arizona Supreme Court may have opened the door to allowing the legislature to overrule the Corporation Commission on renewable energy standards.... Read more»

'A clean slate is needed': Arizona lawmakers urged to reform criminal justice system

Criminal reform advocates are asking Arizona legislators to change laws that keep hundreds of formerly incarcerated people from voting and getting jobs. ... Read more»

Arizona one of seven state legislatures Democrats target for takeover

Arizona was identified as one of seven states where Democrats plan to “fight like hell” to turn the state government from red to blue in 2020.... Read more»

Asian-Americans working to make their voices heard in Arizona

The Asian-American population is growing faster than the Latino community and they, too, are struggling to break through.... Read more»

John C. Scott

J.C. Scott: TUSD superintendent candidates down to one

Interviews with TUSD Boardmember Mark Stegeman, Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett, Tucson developer Richard Studwell, and Lea Marquez Peterson, CEO of the Tucson Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.... Read more»