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Arizona Redistricting Commission gives final certification to new election maps

In one last split vote, the Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission certified the new legislative map - now, the new maps are on their way to the Secretary of State’s Office, the final step required to enshrine them as the districts the state will use through the 2030 election. ... Read more»1

Arizona Redistricting Commission splits on legislative map on fractious final day

The Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission approved the final congressional and legislative maps that the state will use until 2032, ending their work with an acrimonious split vote on the legislative map and accusations of violations of the state constitution.... Read more»1

Latest Arizona redistricting changes bolster GOP chances

Republicans would fare well in the state’s next congressional map under a series of changes members of the Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission proposed at Thursday's commission meeting after several hours of tense debate.... Read more»

As Arizona redistricting panel mulls changes to draft maps, partisan schisms appear

The Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission returned to action Monday and took the first steps in crafting the boundaries of what will become the final congressional and legislative districts the state will use for the next decade.... Read more»

Az legislative leaders sound off on redistricting, competitiveness

Legislative leaders presented a list of grievances over Latino districts, competitiveness and a GOP lawmaker’s attempt to influence his Tucson-area legislative district, as lawmakers from both sides of the aisle got an opportunity to address the state’s remapping panel in person.... Read more»

Flashpoints emerge as Arizonans lobby redistricting commission for changes

After weeks of hearings on the Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission’s draft maps of its proposed legislative and congressional districts, members of the public have no shortage of gripes about how the lines are drawn or suggestions on how to make them better.... Read more»

Draft maps approved: 4 competitive Arizona congressional seats, 6 legislative districts

Four of Arizona’s congressional districts would be competitive, with two as legitimate toss-up seats, under a new draft map adopted Thursday by the Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission. Republicans would have three safe seats and Democrats would have two.... Read more»

Pima County GOP official submitted redistricting map favored by SALC biz group

A set of proposed legislative districts that was attributed to a Tucson business group was actually submitted to the Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission by the No. 3 official in the Pima County Republican Party. ... Read more»1

Arizona Redistricting Commission ends the week without approving maps

A dispute over legislative districts in the Tucson area kept the Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission from approving new maps before the weekend.... Read more»

3 competitive congressional districts shaping up in latest Arizona redistricting round

Redistricting commissioners split along partisan lines over how to draw Arizona’s new legislative districts but reached a compromise on a tentative congressional map that could create three competitive seats in the Tucson and Phoenix areas.... Read more»

Arizona redistricting panel mulls a step back in drawing new legislative maps

As it pushes toward a possible vote on final draft maps as early as Thursday, the Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission made clear that it has a lot of work left to do on proposed legislative districts - and it may be taking a step back in the process.... Read more»

Latino legislative districts taking shape in Az redistricting compromise

Members of the Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission will consider incorporating a proposal from a Latino political group that would create eight predominantly Hispanic districts into its legislative map. ... Read more»1

Arizona redistricting panel decides contours of northern congressional district

If the version of Congressional District 2 tentatively approved stays intact - the Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission expects to approve its final draft maps either later this week or sometime next week - it would have major implications for two incumbent congressmen.... Read more»