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Arizona hospitals: Get vaccinated and wear a mask so we don’t run out of space

Arizona hospitals - once again at, or nearing over capacity - are begging Arizonans: Get vaccinated, wear a mask and physically distance so hospitals won’t be overrun by the trend of new COVID-19 cases driven by the highly infectious Delta variant.... Read more»

Taking AIM: Arizona hospitals collaborate to fight maternal mortality

The AIM Collaborative brings together 33 hospitals across Arizona to help combat pregnancy-related deaths and address underlying causes using strategies based on evidence as federal and state officials have pushed for legislation to protect mothers.... Read more»

Arizona posts new COVID-19 case record, as possible holiday surge looms

Arizona reported a record 10,322 new COVID-19 cases Tuesday, more than twice the previous high, as cases surged ahead of a holiday season that one health expert said could be a “real scary time.”... Read more»

Trump cites Arizona’s success fighting COVID-19, as cases again rise

President Donald Trump name-dropped Arizona early in last Thursday’s presidential debate, claiming the “very big spike” in COVID-19 cases in the state is “now gone.”... Read more»

Arizona passes 5,000 COVID-19 deaths, but overall numbers trending down

Arizona passed 200,000 COVID-19 cases last week and the death toll from the disease topped 5,000 Saturday, but despite those somber milestones experts said the numbers are all moving in the right direction – for now.... Read more»

Arizona hospitals could be overwhelmed by COVID-19 surge

A surge in coronavirus patients could overwhelm Arizona hospitals in the coming months if action is not taken now to expand hospital capacity and curb infections, according to a new study by the Harvard Global Health Institute. ... Read more»

With demand down, first jobs tougher to come by for new nurses in Az

Nursing has long been considered a career with boundless demand, in part due to Arizona’s rapid growth, but recent years have seen a tightening job market. Experts, educators and leaders in the field of nursing point to the economic downturn, a state mandate that colleges and universities turn out more nurses and changes in the nature of health care as reasons.... Read more»

Bill would implement some Affordable Care Act provisions

With Arizona declining to establish a health insurance exchange under the federal Affordable Care Act, a lawmaker wants to make sure the state maintains its oversight of insurers and policies.... Read more»

8 Az hospitals ranked among top 5 percent in nation in new report

Eight Arizona hospitals were ranked in the top 5 percent in the nation by a national healthcare rating agency, giving Arizona the 13th-best rate of high-achieving hospitals among states.... Read more»1

Guest opinion

Wells: Az can't afford to not expand Medicaid

Gov. Jan Brewer made the prudent fiscal and economic choice by calling for Medicaid expansion. Now the Legislature needs to act. The math is clear. If you had the option of investing $1,650 and getting back $16,000, wouldn't you do it? Based on AHCCCS estimates, that's Arizona's Medicaid expansion deal.... Read more»1

Report: Medicare cuts could cost thousands of Az healthcare jobs

Arizona could lose more than 9,800 health-care and other jobs next year if a 2 percent cut in Medicare takes effect Jan. 2 as part of the $1.2 trillion federal budget “sequestration,” a new report claims.... Read more»

Az hospitals fare poorly in patient safety survey

More than half of the 47 Arizona hospitals ranked in a recent survey of patient safety got a grade of C, the lowest grade offered in the first year of the national report.... Read more»

CDC: Az ready for public health emergencies

Arizona is prepared to respond to public health emergencies and to identify biological and chemical threats, but it needs to report test results for foodborne bacteria faster, according to a report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.... Read more»

Health care reform

Giffords will vote for health insurance reform bill

Rep. Gabrielle Giffords will vote for the health insurance reform bill, the congresswoman announced Saturday.... Read more»11