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The results are in: Arizona standardized test scores fell during pandemic year

Standardized test scores in Arizona fell across the board last school year, as COVID-19 upended learning through the year and led to a sharp drop in the number of students taking the tests, the Arizona Department of Education said. ... Read more»

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Ducey back-to-school order leaves educators shocked, scrambling, upset

Educators across the state Thursday were calling Gov. Doug Ducey’s surprise back-to-school order disruptive, challenging and frustrating, a last-minute complication to reopening plans that many schools already had in the works. School officials, from the state level on down, said they were given little notice before Ducey’s announcement on Wednesday and are now scrambling to properly prepare classrooms for the return of teachers and students less than two weeks away.... Read more»

Ducey defends decision to toughen rules to return to virtual schooling

The Ducey administration defended its decision Thursday to make it harder for Arizona schools to revert to virtual education, from in-person or hybrid schooling, in the face of surging COVID-19 cases.... Read more»

Districts, parents still unsure how to safely open Arizona schools

Guidelines for how Arizona school districts can safely reopen for the fall have been released, but at least some parents – and teachers – are questioning how safe it will be. Administrators also wonder how to pay for implementing the changes.... Read more»

Arizona Department of Education release unwittingly reveals student data

The Arizona Department of Education has asked a Phoenix reporter to destroy records it sent him that later revealed parent names and account information of more than 7,000 students in the Empowerment Scholarship Account program.... Read more»

Back-to-school costs give families economic lessons

Families will spend an average of $669 on back-to-school shopping this year, with just more than $100 for school supplies alone, the National Retail Federation predicts, as strapped schools and teachers ask parents to pitch in. Family spending is expected to be up 5 percent from last year. ... Read more»

Lawmaker: Personal finance instruction will lead to better choices

When Mitch Ruttenberg teaches economics at Trevor G. Browne High School, he ends each semester with lessons on credit cards, taxes, budgeting and other aspects of personal finance. “It’s last thing they get from me because I know that’s what they need the most,” he said.... Read more»

Law allows schools to stock, use epinephrine for allergy attacks

Allowing schools to stock and administer general-use, injectable epinephrine will save lives when students go into anaphylaxis from previously undiagnosed allergies, a state lawmaker says. ... Read more»

Districts, advocates worry about tech, training for Common Core

When more than 30 students use the Internet in the three schools that constitute the Sanders Unified School District on the Navajo Nation, the broadband becomes slow and unreliable, Superintendent Michael Murphy says.... Read more»

First Things First website connects parents, early education providers

Calling the choice of a child care provider or preschool an overwhelming but vital decision, First Things First has launched a website guiding Arizona parents toward the right option for them.... Read more»

State looks to O’Connor House for help teaching Az kids civics

As expectations for reading, writing and math have increased, emphasis on civic awareness among Arizona students has dropped, according to the state’s top education official.... Read more»

ASU rolling out new programs to turn students into teachers

To address a state need for middle and high school teachers, Arizona State University is adding a certificate program and new bachelor’s degrees offering alternative paths into the profession.... Read more»

Window Rock sup't describes sequestration impact

The Window Rock Unified School District superintendent said the three-day-old federal budget cuts known as "sequestration" have already forced cuts in her district, and could lead to layoffs and the closure of three of the district's seven schools next year if left to stand. ... Read more»

Lawmaker: Require CPR training for junior high, high school students

SB 1337, authored by Sen. Barbara McGuire, D-Kearny, has won endorsements from the Senate Appropriation Committee and Senate Education Committee. The measure would require public schools and charter schools to have each student receive CPR training at least once between seventh and 12th grades.... Read more»

Lawmaker: Require kids to stay in school until age 18

Requiring all students under 18 to attend school unless given parental consent would empower parents and lower the state's dropout rate, a state lawmaker said. Under current law, students 16 and over can drop out without parental consent or knowledge, and some as young as 14 can leave school.... Read more»1

Az high school grad-rate increase among best in nation

Arizona high schools have increased their graduation rate by 24 percentage points in the last decade, the biggest increase in the country, according to a national report released Friday.... Read more»

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