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Health care, restaurant, tech companies among top PPP recipients in Arizona

The U.S. Small Business Administration initially refused to reveal the names of the businesses that received the loans, but mounting legal pressure from media outlets led to a partial release of the data, shining light on which companies and industries have gotten the loans since March.... Read more»

Az coronavirus cases up to 20 as more are tested

Twenty Arizonans have now tested postive for COVID-19 as the pandemic continues Tuesday and the number of people being tested in the state increases.... Read more»

Coronavirus cases jump in Az as more are tested

The number of known cases of coronavirus increased by 50% overnight in Arizona, as more tests are being run after weeks of limited access even as the COVID-19 pandemic grew.... Read more»

After 'wasted time,' coronavirus testing poised to increase in Arizona

New guidelines, private labs coming online, and access to more test kits should soon ramp up the number of patients who Arizona health authorities can diagnose for the COVID-19 virus, officials said.... Read more»

Arizona declares public health emergency over coronavirus

The coronavirus outbreak has prompted a "public health emergency" declaration by Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey, allowing the state to request federal funds and deal with medical price-gouging.... Read more»

Pima County resident 'presumptively' diagnosed with coronavirus; Officials urge 'common sense' response

A Pima County resident has been "presumptively" diagnosed with COVID-19. The patient, who had recently traveled to an area with "community spread," is "not severely ill" and is recovering at home. Officials urged a "common sense" response to the virus Monday.... Read more»

2 more coronavirus cases in Pinal County; Officials say no positive tests in Pima County

Two more Pinal residents have been "presumptively" diagnosed with COVID-19 — members of the same household as a case announced Friday. Pima County officials said that no tests here have been positive for the coronavirus, pushing back against rumors that a patient here has been diagnosed.... Read more»

3rd Az coronavirus case is hospitalized woman; Officials state no positive tests in Pima County

A third Arizona resident has been "presumptively" diagnosed with COVID-19 — a woman who has been hospitalized. Pima County officials said Friday that no tests here have been positive for the coronavirus, pushing back against rumors that a patient here has been diagnosed..... Read more»