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Arizona would likely see recounts after every election under popular bill

A bill with bipartisan support awaiting a final vote as early as today in the Arizona Legislature would vastly widen the margin of votes between candidates that triggers an automatic recount in primary and general elections, for almost every type of race. ... Read more»

Election officials in Arizona, other battleground states, stand up against restrictive voting laws

Across the country, election officials this legislative season made their voices heard through appeals to lawmakers, urging them not to enact voting laws that they saw as unfeasible or unnecessary, or that would ultimately make their jobs more difficult. ... Read more»

Az GOP 'smart' ballot drop boxes come with a hefty price tag, if they’re ever created

Republicans hope to replace outside ballot drop boxes with “smart” boxes that don’t yet exist and will cost 500% more than the ones that Arizona counties already use, based on the unfounded claim that ballot-box stuffing helped steal the election from former President Trump.... Read more»

There’s no such thing as 'smart' ballot boxes. A GOP proposal would require them in Az

Early voters in Arizona would be barred from putting their ballots in mailboxes and would instead be required to put them in ballot drop boxes that would take a picture of every voter if under a Republican proposal that won preliminary approval last week. ... Read more»

Arizona Republicans look to curb lobbying activities by cities, counties, school districts

On a party-line 4-3 vote, with all three Democratic members opposing the proposal, the Arizona Senate Government Committee approved Senate Bill 1198, which prohibits cities, towns, counties, school districts and other political subdivisions of the state from hiring outside lobbyists. ... Read more»

Nearly 90% of Arizona voters use early ballots. Republicans would eliminate that to combat imagined fraud.

Driven by false claims that the 2020 election was plagued by fraud that changed the outcome in statewide races — but not their own victories — Republican legislators gave initial approval to a host of proposals that critics say will make it harder for Arizonans to vote.... Read more»

Arizona election workers could be charged with crimes for making mistakes under GOP bills

The Arizona Senate Government Committee gave its approval to proposed legislation that would punish election workers who misplace ballots and penalize contractors who don’t meet the terms of their contracts. ... Read more»

Arizona bill would let dishonest cops appeal placement on Brady List

A bill that would allow law enforcement agents to appeal being placed on a list of dishonest officers cleared another hurdle on its way to becoming law, despite concerns from Maricopa County prosecutors. ... Read more»

Arizona Senate passes bill adding new steps to vote by mail

Voting by mail would become more complicated for millions of Arizonans under a proposal approved by the Arizona Senate. Senate Bill 1713 would require voters to include proof of identification to the affidavit they sign, which would go inside the return envelope. Many voters, especially low-income people, don’t have printers, which would make things difficult if they have to copy documents or identification.... Read more»

Bill would require people, groups registering voters to register with elections officials

House Bill 2373 would require every person and group that registers people to vote to get a unique identifier number from the county recorder if they submit more than 25 voter registration forms in a calendar year and then place their unique identification numbers on every voter registration form they submit. ... Read more»

Arizona primary elections might be held earlier in August

A bill that would move up the date of the Arizona primary election passed through the House Elections Committee on a party-line vote last week.... Read more»


Temporary PILT fix underscores need for permanent solution

The acronym "PILT" is more than just an odd abbreviation. PILT stands for Payment In Lieu of Taxes, a program created by Congress in 1976. In the nearly four decades since PILT's creation, counties all across America – and especially in Arizona and the West – have come to rely on these funds, especially after the economic turndown of last decade.... Read more»