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Extremists tried to crash Arizona abortion rights rally, got arrested instead

A group of far-right extremists with ties to white nationalists tried to counter-protest an abortion rights rally held at the Arizona Capitol Tuesday night, where they were vastly outnumbered and one was arrested for violently attacking a demonstrator. ... Read more»

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What is white nationalism?

At the very core of white nationalism and white supremacy lies ethnocentrism that advocates for a white nation through the exclusion of people of color. That objective is carried along on revolutionary, anti-government themes.... Read more»

U.S. House hearing on extremism toward minorities turns into 'defund the police' debate

Leaders of faith organizations and Historically Black Colleges and Universities told a U.S. House panel how their institutions have been roiled by violence - while subcommittee Republicans said the focus should be on crime rates and threats made to law enforcement officers.... Read more»

Az GOP legislators spoke at QAnon convention full of conspiracies and hate

Four Republican members of Arizona’s state legislature attended a QAnon convention in Las Vegas over the weekend that included speakers from the fringe of the conspiracy world as well as antisemitic imagery. ... Read more»

Ron Watkins hopes to move from QAnon to Congress — and he needs Arizona voters to do so

Ron Watkins, the notorious MAGA conspiracy theorist who helped spread the violent far-right QAnon conspiracy and who is widely believed to have been behind QAnon’s master account, is attempting to unseat Democratic Congressman Tom O’Halleran.... Read more»

Az Republican Sen. Wendy Rogers appears on antisemitic news show. Again.

Flagstaff Republican Sen. Wendy Rogers appeared again on an online TV network that has made multiple antisemitic remarks, following an appearance she made on the same show with a conspiracy theorist host in June.... Read more»

Az GOP Sen. Wendy Rogers defends promotion of racist ‘great replacement’ ideology

After a media report highlighting her use of language mirroring a racist conspiracy theory, Flagstaff Republican state Sen. Wendy Rogers doubled- and tripled-down on her assertion that immigrants are “replacing” white Americans and destroying “western civilization.”... Read more»1

Az lawmaker Wendy Rogers stokes racist 'replacement' theory

A Republican state legislator in Arizona posted a tweet over the weekend echoing the racist “great replacement” conspiracy theory, the same idea that has motivated multiple mass murders in recent years.... Read more»1

Az students will learn about the Holocaust, other genocides, under new law

Arizona schools will be required to teach students about the Holocaust and other genocides twice in a six-year span under a new law, and advocates "hope that the young people will learn what hate can lead to.” ... Read more»

Man arrested in antisemitic vandalism of Tucson synagogue

Nathan Beaver, 30, was charged with aggravated criminal damage for allegedly vandalizing a Tucson synagogue earlier this month, when a large Nazi swastika was painted on an outside door, along with an ethnic slur for Jews. ... Read more»

Religious, ethnic groups announce coalition to fight hate in Southern Az

A group of 52 religious and ethnic groups from Tucson and Southern Arizona announced the formation of a coalition against hate in response to recent hate crimes in Tucson. ... Read more»

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Tucson clergy: All must speak against antisemitic hate crimes

As Tucson-area clergy committed to love, justice, and solidarity, we unite to condemn the recent antisemitic hate crime perpetrated against Jewish members of our community at Chabad on River. We further denounce additional incidents of antisemitic threats and vandalism that have sought to sow hate and fear here in Pima County in recent weeks, and call on our Christian colleagues and all people of faith and conscience to speak and act against this violent hate. ... Read more»

Tucson synagogue vandalized with swastika, antisemitic slur

A rabbi heading to teach a Torah class found Nazi graffiti painted on a side door of the Chabad on River synagogue. "We've had break-ins before, but we've never had any kind of antisemitism here," said Ram Bigelman.... Read more»

Controversial definition of anti-Semitism set for full Arizona Senate vote

A strike-everything amendment turned House Bill 2282 from a small business grant bill into legislation that would require a controversial definition of anti-Semitism when teaching about the Holocaust in Arizona schools, raising concerns about people’s First Amendment rights to criticize government and academic freedom.... Read more»

Arizonans searched for militias, QAnon and how to make explosives following Trump’s loss

In the months leading up to and after the election, researchers attempting to redirect people who sought out far-right groups away from disinformation found that Arizonans searched for extremist content and conspiracy theories more than many other states.... Read more»

Reaction to Trump 'Proud Boy' comment goes from dismay to distress

President Donald Trump on Wednesday defended his debate comments on the right-wing extremists known as the Proud Boys, but reaction from officials in Arizona ranged from dismissal to dismay. ... Read more»

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