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Ant antibiotics: Could ASU research lead to human applications?

A recent Arizona State University study has shed new light on antibiotics produced by ants, and the lead author thinks the work could be applied to improving human health.... Read more»

Officials: Nat'l drug shortage having distinct effect in Az

Experts say a national drug shortage is endangering patients' health and forcing doctors, pharmacists and first responders to scramble to find supplies. The shortage is affecting pharmacists, especially in rural Arizona, who are paying more and spending more time to get drug supplies. ... Read more»

ASU researcher finds banned antibiotics in poultry

A study of chicken byproducts co-authored by an Arizona State University researcher found trace amounts of antibiotics banned from poultry production in 2005.... Read more»

Livestock drug restrictions likely moot in Az

Proposed federal restrictions on the use of certain antibiotics in livestock and poultry wouldn’t have much an effect on Arizona’s farms and ranches, according to experts here.... Read more»

Scientists warn of 'untreatable' strain of gonorrhea

Scientists are warning of a new, untreatable strain of gonorrhea, discovered in a sex trade worker in Japan.... Read more»1