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Ann-Eve Pedersen

Ann-Eve Pedersen, a former reporter and editor for the Citizen and Star, vigorous education activist and historical preservation advocate, died unexpectedly Friday at her home. She was 55 years old. Read more»

A bill by Sen. Steve Farley, D-Tucson, would require corporations and individuals acting as intermediaries for political contributions to disclose the source and any other intermediaries behind them.

A state lawmaker wants to force shadowy political groups to disclose the sources of dark money they pump into campaigns. “Most Arizonans are tired of having dark money rule their politics,” said Sen. Steve Farley, D-Tucson. Read more» 1

Ann-Eve Pedersen, chairwoman of the committee who supported Proposition 204, shown in this file photo, said Secretary of State Ken Bennett’s appeal to the Arizona Supreme Court to remove the initiative from the November ballot was 'unnecessary.'

Weeks after voters rejected Proposition 204, the Arizona Supreme Court issued an opinion Wednesday affirming its decision that allowed the measure to stay on the November ballot despite objections from Secretary of State Ken Bennett. Read more»

Now that voters rejected Proposition 204, the task of funding education when a temporary sales tax expires in May will remain with the state Legislature. Read more»

Voters on Tuesday rejected a ballot proposition to establish a permanent 1 cent-per-dollar sales tax earmarked for schools, transportation projects and human services. Unofficial returns showed Proposition 204 trailing by a wide margin. Read more» 1

An obscure Arizona nonprofit that has contributed $1.5 million to campaigns opposing two Arizona ballot measures revealed Monday under court order that $11 million it contributed to California ballot measure campaigns passed through two other nonprofits. A California official said that this qualifies as money laundering and violates state law. Read more»


An obscure nonprofit that gave another $175,000 this week to the campaign against Proposition 204 is using anonymous contributors to manipulate voters, the head of a group supporting the education sales tax measure said. Read more» 1

See an interactive graph to view a breakdown of October 2012 contributions over $10,000 from organizations and individuals supporting and opposing Proposition 204.

Education unions and a group representing contractors have given hundreds of thousands of dollars this month to a campaign supporting Proposition 204, while a donation from a group representing automobile dealers is helping fuel the opposing campaign, records show. Read more» 2

Ann-Eve Pedersen, chairwoman of the committee promoting Proposition 204, says schools would suffer if voters don’t approve a 1 cent-per-dollar sales tax to benefit education, transportation and human services.

Kathy Knecht, a governing board member in the Peoria Unified School District said counseling, says specialized reading and gifted student programs may be on the chopping block if voters don’t approve Proposition 204. Read more»

Doug Ducey and Ann-Eve Pedersen debate Proposition 204, the Quality Education and Jobs measure. Also, Gale Morgan discusses downsizing your home in retirement. Read more»

Is deciding how to fund education in Arizona best done by lawmakers or voters? That’s a key point of debate with Arizonans ready to decide whether to adopt a permanent 1-cent per dollar sales tax that would be earmarked primarily for education. Read more»

Ann-Eve Pedersen, president of the Arizona Education Network, backs up Proposition 204 in Phoenix on Tuesday and calls the sales tax a solution to the state's education funding woes.

Arizona has the steepest education spending decreases nationwide in recent years, according to a new report. In November, Arizonans will vote on Proposition 204 which would enact a permanent 1-cent per dollar sales tax. The Arizona Education Network, hopes the permanent sales tax will be a solution to the state's education funding woes. Read more»

Interviews with Tucson Ward 6 City Councilman Steve Kozachik, Habistore manager Terry Dee, developer and City Hall commentator Richard Studwell, and Ann-Eve Pedersen, chairwoman of the Quality Education and Jobs committee. Read more» 1

Legislators rewrote the description of the one-cent sales tax initiative, after a court ordered them to remove biased language. But critics said the changes to a voter guide didn't go far enough. Read more»

Interviews with state Rep. Steve Farley, Pima County Recorder F. Ann Rodriguez, and Ann-Eve Pedersen, chairwoman of the "Quality Jobs and Education" sales-tax initiative Read more»

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