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The City Council has for months now been weighing, mulling, ruminating and groaning under the weight of indecision concerning an increase in bus fares. Relax, gang. A fare increase is fine. But any hike should be included in a plan that locks Sun Tran's labor union into a long-term deal to avoid another strike and to get a grip on the cost of the system. Read more» 1

About 200 union workers in Tucson and Phoenix are picketing against food distributor US Foods, claiming discrimination against union employees and that the company is bargaining in bad faith. Read more»

Monday, the private management of Tucson’s bus system and the Teamsters union released a contract negotiated nearly two weeks ago. The agreement shows that each Sun Tran worker received at least a 30-cent hourly raise, with many seeing pay bumps of $3-5. Read more»

The settlement that ended the Sun Tran strike will mean raises of 30 cents to $5 hourly for drivers and mechanics, union reps said. The private management firm and the Teamsters had earlier declined to reveal details of the $4.3M deal, which the city manager said will eventually cost an extra $1.4M yearly. Read more» 3

Only in Tucson does the longest, most disruptive strike in modern municipal history end in a secret deal, punctuated by a big question mark. Good news: The Sun Tran strike is over and 60,000 people are able to get around town. Bad news: Taxpayers and bus riders have no idea what the deal will cost them — and neither does the city. Read more»

With a 351-41 vote, Tucson bus drivers approved a new deal worked out overnight, and will be back behind the wheel on Thursday morning. It took even more than 40 days and 40 nights, but the union reached a two-year deal with the private company the manages Sun Tran. Read more» 2

So how badly bloated is Sun Tran's budget with hard-earned tax dollars to give people (aka unfortunately necessary collateral damage) a lift? I'm about to give you, dear readers, news involving Sun Tran: Hard figures that tell a story that may shock and amaze you involving which riders are really subsidized by taxpayers. Read more» 7

Striking Sun Tran workers walking the picket line on Aug. 21.

From the start, the city has thrown in with management by not throwing a few more bucks into the kitty. Standing with Sun Tran's strategy means standing with their tactics. Now, that means "scab" labor, which has union leaders calling this a "pivotal point." Read more» 3

Three people who should have been paying an inordinate amount of attention to the labor talks are Scott, Romero and Cunningham. Back in February, when these races truly begin with meetings over Diet Coke and snack food, someone should have asked with a mouth full of Funyuns: "What is it out there that can completely screw us in November?" Read more» 3

Update: Tucson's bus drivers voted to approve a one-year contract on Thursday, averting a strike as a contract extension was to expire at midnight. Buses will continue to run on a normal schedule Friday as management and Teamsters reached a $1 million deal. Read more» 2

On the final day of a contract extension, Tucson's bus drivers and Sun Tran management reached a tentative deal. Buses will continue to run Thursday under a new extension to provide union members time to vote on the proposed new contract. Read more»

Update: A "firm and final offer" by the management company that operates Tucson's Sun Tran bus system was rejected this weekend by unionized bus drivers. An extension of the current contract runs out Wednesday night, and a strike is possible after that. Negotiations will continue Wednesday, Sun Tran officials said. Read more»