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What the Devil won't tell you

Decision 2021: The more things change, the more Tucson wants warm milk

The results of the primary election seem more like a warm glass of milk and a “Friends” marathon than the sort of turbulent circus the last couple of elections have been. Tucson voters just want quiet.... Read more»

Kozachik keeps Ward 6 Dem nod, Dahl choice in Ward 3 Tucson Council primary

Incumbent Tucson Councilman Steve Kozachik fended off two challengers in Tucson's Ward 6 Council primary, with Kevin Dahl prevailing as the choice of Democrats for the open seat in Ward 3.... Read more»

Tucson voters have until Tuesday evening to hand in primary ballots

Tucson residents in Wards 3,5 and 6 will have until 7 p.m. on Tuesday, August 3 to hand in ballots in the City Council primary election. If you still have yours, don't mail it back — drop it off in person to ensure that it's counted.... Read more»

Candidate commentary

Portela: How the pandemic shaped mobility justice, and why we cannot go back

"If we are honest, we are not out of the woods with the global health pandemic. For the last 15 months, our community has developed a relationship with our green open space and streets that changed the way we interact with those spaces; and the expectation is that we should not go back." — Ward 6 City Council candidate Andres Portela... Read more»

What the Devil won't tell you

Candidatos con una pista: La Primaria Demócrata de Tucson ofrece experiencia

La lista de candidatos postulando para la nominación democrata en el carrera del ayuntamiento esta llena con experiencia. Las candidatos son inteligentes, apasionados y listos con sus ideas de que es bueno para Tucson. ... Read more»

What the Devil won't tell you

Candidates with a clue: Tucson's Democratic primary slate is chock full of experience

Good news for Tucson voters about the city primary election: Y’all have real choices. Each of the Democrats vying for office come in knowing the difference between a general fund and an enterprise fund. And the challenges they want to address are real.... Read more»2

Candidate commentary

Portela: The one policy discussion we always avoid — housing

"Local rental costs have jumped 7.1 percent from last year, the rental vacancy rate is 3.6 percent, the eviction moratorium ends in a month, and homes can't stay in supply which is driving the cost to purchase." — Ward 6 City Council candidate Andres Portela... Read more»

Tuesday deadline to register to vote in Tucson city primary election

Midnight on Tuesday, July 6, is the deadline to register to vote in the upcoming Tucson primary election — double-check your registration online even if you're already signed up.... Read more»

Candidate commentary

Portela: Collective queasiness about the eviction cliff

Before the global health pandemic, there was an eviction crisis; the only difference is we now have money from the state and federal government to help our community. — Andres Portela, Ward 6 Tucson City Council candidate... Read more»

Tucson elections to go ahead in 2021, Az Supreme Court rules

The Arizona State Supreme Court ruled Wednesday that Tucson will have an election after all this year, shutting down a challenge that would have forced the city to move to even-year elections under a state law.... Read more»