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Birthright citizenship is granted in the first sentence of the 14th Amendment: 'All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the state wherein they reside.'

Can a president change the Constitution by way of executive order? President Donald Trump thinks he can, saying in an interview this week that he plans to revoke the 14th Amendment’s guarantee of birthright citizenship. Read more»

There’s no oath involved – birthright citizenship automatically confers U.S. citizen status on anyone born in this country, even if their parents were here illegally at the time. President Donald Trump wants to change that.

Arizona native Francisco Fernandez holds a college degree and a job with a nonprofit in the nation’s capital – none of which, he said, would have been possible without the citizenship status conferred on him at birth. Read more»

A federal judge on Friday repeatedly asked an attorney for the state of Texas if denying birth certificates to dozens of U.S.-citizen children is an appropriate response to a problem whose scope is still unknown. Read more»

A photo of Carlos Vélez-Ibáñez’s father, second from the right. Vélez-Ibáñez has family in both Sonora, Mexico, and in Arizona.

While more Republican presidential candidates are using “anchor baby” to talk about birthright citizenship, Americans at the center of the debate question the controversial term. "Even the notion of anchor baby is ridiculous," said Carlos Vélez-Ibáñez, an ASU professor. "People have been anchoring on both sides of the border for generations." Read more» 1

A coalition of undocumented immigrants whose U.S. citizen children have been denied birth certificates in Texas will have their case heard in federal court early next month. Read more»

The denial of birth certificates to U.S. citizen children born to immigrant parents not only jeopardizes their dignity and well-being, but could threaten the unique relationship between Mexico and Texas, the Mexican government said in a brief filed Monday. Read more»

A new analysis by the Arizona Republic suggests that the phenomenon of “birth tourism” — non U.S. citizens who come to the U.S. to give birth so that their children will be born Americans—may not be the widespread phenomenon that some U.S. politicians suggest. Read more» 3

Demonstrators at an immigration reform rally in Washington, D.C., last year.

In a move contrary to the most cherished of American values, a band of ultraconservative activists are targeting the U.S.-born children of undocumented immigrants—and others—to score political points. Their stated objective is to overturn a bedrock constitutional right: the right of citizenship by birth on American soil. Read more»

Well it's happening again in Arizona. State Senator Russell Pearce and his side-kick, Rep. John Kavanaugh are getting ready to unveil their newest assault on undocumented immigrants, this time with a bill designed to eliminate birthright citizenship. Read more» 2

Pres. George W. Bush announces his nomination of White House Counsel Alberto Gonzales to succeed John Ashcroft as U.S. Attorney General, 2004.

Alberto Gonzales isn't joining his Republican colleagues in calling for a review of the 14th Amendment's birthright citizenship provision. Read more»

When he warned of terror babies on CNN's Anderson Cooper 360 last week, U.S. Rep. Louie Gohmert, R-Tyler, told Cooper that he and comedian Jon Stewart, host of Comedy Central's The Daily Show, could “have their fun” with him. So, Stewart did. Read more»

Can't get enough of Texas lawmakers and the "terror baby" threat? Neither can we. Read more»

Proposals to abolish the 14th Amendment’s birthright citizenship provision have ricocheted through the political noise machine. What would the removal of birthright citizenship mean for the country? Pierce the fog of rhetoric and you’ll quickly discover that nobody really knows. Read more»

About 1 in 15 children in the U.S. - 340,000 of the 4.3 million babies born in 2008 - has a parent who is an illegal immigrant, a new report says. But most of those babies were born to mothers living in the U.S. for more than one year. Read more»

Sen. Russell Pearce, who authored Arizona's controversial new immigration law, now wants to deny citizenship to so-called "anchor babies." Read more» 2