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Chan: Political campaigns underway in Az; Ways to vet donation requests & follow your money

If you've got email, chances are you've been asked to "chip in" to support candidates from school board to senator. And while consumers have some protections from fraud, a decade of legislative and judicial decisions have turned the campaign cash grab into the wild West. ... Read more»

Guest opinion

Clean Elections chair: What the Supreme Court's ruling means for Arizona voters

The U.S. Supreme Court has upheld Arizona’s prohibition on ballot collection and out of precinct voting. Voters will not experience a change in their voting process as a result of this opinion, as it upholds the status quo. — Az Clean Elections Chair Amy B. Chan... Read more»

Study: Arizona ranks 43 in voter turnout; minorities, youth & poor participate least

Voter participation is eroding across the U.S. and the situation in Arizona is a crisis, according to a study by ASU. The poor, minorities and young adults who would benefit the most by voting are the very groups that participate the least.... Read more»