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Funeral set Friday for DEA agent killed in Amtrak shooting

A public funeral for DEA Special Agent Michael Garbo will be held Friday, October 8, at Calvary Chapel in Tucson. ... Read more»

Gunman killed in Tucson Amtrak shootout IDed by Medical Examiner

The man who police say started a gunfight during a drug bust aboard a passenger train in Tucson on Monday has been identified by the Pima County Medical Examiner as Darrion Taylor. ... Read more»

DEA agent killed in Tucson train gunfight IDed as Michael Garbo

A DEA agent shot and killed during a gunfight Monday in Downtown Tucson was identified as Michael G. Garbo, a Sahuarita resident and 16-year agency veteran. Criminal charges were filed against the suspect who survived the shooting incident, who had 5 lbs. of marijuana and edibles in his bags.... Read more»

DEA agent killed in gunfight at Tucson Amtrak station

A DEA agent was shot and killed during a gunfight Monday morning at the Amtrak train station in Downtown Tucson. Two other law enforcement officers were wounded, and one suspect died during the incident aboard a passenger train.... Read more»

Sen. Kelly, Mayor Romero tout Tucson impact of $1 trillion federal infrastructure bill

Tucson will see new bridges, roads, buses and trains because of the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill that passed by a 69-30 vote in the Senate earlier this week, Tucson Mayor Regina Romero and U.S. Senator Mark Kelly said on Wednesday. ... Read more»

Romero, Phoenix mayor join White House push for infrastructure plan

Tucson Mayor Romero and Phoenix Mayor Gallego joined other mayors and governors at the White House on Wednesday to push for the Biden administration’s $1.2 trillion infrastructure plan, a measure she has said is needed to reverse decades of “massive underinvestment.”... Read more»


Rail travel is cleaner than driving or flying, but will Americans buy in?

The U.S. should give rail a chance as the quickest way to slash nearly a third of carbon emissions.... Read more»

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Paving Arizona: Constant highway expansion drives urban sprawl

Why is Arizona continuing down this, er, road? The simple answer is that the various interests I call the Real Estate Industrial Complex depend upon constant highway building and expansion to make otherwise useless land valuable for the Ponzi scheme of continued sprawl. ... Read more»

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Preservation alert: Phoenix Union Station

The most precious treasure of old downtown Phoenix is in flux. This could provide the city a long-overdue opportunity. Or it could go sideways in a hurry. I'm writing, of course, about Union Station.... Read more»

McSally describes scene of deadly Va. Amtrak crash

U.S. Rep. Martha McSally said Wednesday's crash of an Amtrak train carrying GOP members of Congress to a retreat was "an awful tragedy for the victims, for the families." One person died and another is fighting for his life after the crash in Virginia.... Read more»

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Train dreams could help solve Az's transportation nightmare

The news stories said that ADOT was seeking our input on its study of passenger rail between Phoenix and Tucson. It isn't seeking my input for reasons that will become apparent, but here goes anyway. Anti-train sentiment is odd considering America's close and abiding relationship with the railroad. Nothing could be more American than a train. I thought conservatism was all about conserving the best.... Read more»

Obama administration heeds industry call to ease rail safety rules

The Obama administration announced Thursday that it will scale back federal rail safety rules spurred by a Southern California train wreck in 2008 that killed 25 people and hurt 135 others.... Read more»

As rail tragedies fade from memory, resistance to safety rule gains steam

Less than four years after a California train disaster spurred passage of major safety legislation, railroad companies are pushing hard to relax the law's chief provision.... Read more»