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No pressing the flesh, but candidates learn to campaign under COVID-19

Candidates across Arizona and the nation have suspended rallies and in-person canvassing, and have their campaign staffers work from home because of the coronavirus. In addition to the challenge reaching voters, COVID-19 brings competition for financial donations and media attention.... Read more»

Lawmakers adapt to teleworking as coronavirus continues to spread

Constituents with concerns about the stimulus bill working its way through Congress this week can still share their opinions with their representatives in Washington – even though their representatives may not actually be in Washington. ... Read more»

Endorse check: Value of Arizona endorsements mixed in presidential race

Arizona lawmakers have been busy offering endorsements to candidates in hopes of having an impact in the state’s presidential primary.... Read more»

Town hollow: Report says lawmakers had few town halls; GOP had none

Arizona Republicans shy away from town halls that they call theater. Democrats have noticed and are pressing the issue.... Read more»