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The racist and sexist roots of child care in America explain why the system is in shambles

The pandemic decimated the child-care industry and highlighted the vast gulf in America that separates K-12 teachers from many child-care professionals when it comes to pay, job protection, and respect - a disparity rooted in race, class, gender, and nativism.... Read more»

White House plan would let Arizona schools skirt Ducey's ban on mask mandates

Gov. Doug Ducey’s threat to withhold funding from schools that impose mask mandates took a severe hit Thursday, when the White House said local school districts can apply directly to the federal government “to restore funding withheld by state leaders.” ... Read more»

John C. Scott

J.C. Scott: Excellence in education begins at local level

Guest host Jimmy Zuma, Democratic commentator Paul Eckerstrom, Councilman Steve Kozachik, Mary Cathrine Ricker of the American Teachers Federation, and Vail School District Superintendent Calvin Baker.... Read more»


Faith in values: Where’s the debate on immigration reform?

If ever there were a dream team lineup, it’s the large and dazzling array of those who support immigration reform.... Read more»

Education: Be skeptical of standardized test scores

Tough talk on teacher accountability is all the rage this summer. Trouble is, we don’t know how to handle the perverse incentives that arise the moment we place undue weight on easily manipulated exams. But that hasn’t stopped a slew of education leaders from weighing in on the need to hold teachers’ feet to the fire.... Read more»