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Police using rubber bullets on protesters that can kill, blind or maim for life

In cities across the country, police departments have attempted to quell unrest spurred by the death of George Floyd by firing rubber bullets into crowds, even though five decades of evidence shows such weapons can disable, disfigure and even kill.... Read more»

Arizona graded D+ in national report on emergency medical care

Arizona got a D+ for the quality of its emergency medical care, but that was the average grade for states on a national report card released Thursday. Arizona’s grade was unchanged from the last report in 2009, while the national grade fell from C- to an “alarming” D+.... Read more»

Hospitals want up-front payment for non-urgent care in ERs

A growing number of hospitals have implemented the pay-first policy in an effort to divert patients with routine illnesses from the ER after they undergo a federally required screening.... Read more»