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2 killed in rollover crash during Border Patrol chase south of Tucson

Two people were killed and four were seriously injured when a pickup pursued by Border Patrol agents crashed and rolled over on the frontage road parallel to I-19 south of Tucson on Monday night.... Read more»

Sopori Creek deal preserves S. Az borderland ranch as 'conservation linchpin'

Arizona Land and Water Trust purchased more than 370 acres of land near Amado, Arizona, as part of a multi-million dollar campaign to protect a "conservation linchpin" between the Santa Cruz River and nearly 54,000 acres of landscape covered by Pima County's conservation plan. ... Read more»

30 migrants found in semi-trailer at I-19 BP checkpoint

Two U.S. citizens were arrested for smuggling after U.S. Border Patrol agents found 30 people in the trailer of a semi-tractor truck at the I-19 checkpoint Saturday night. ... Read more»

Court revives suit by protesters at Border Patrol checkpoint in Arivaca

A federal appeals court ordered a new hearing for Arivaca protesters who said the Border Patrol violated their 1st Amendment rights when they tried to monitor a checkpoint for potential racial profiling.... Read more»

CBP: I-19 checkpoint nabs nearly $800K in marijuana

Border Patrol agents working at the Interstate 19 checkpoint seized more than 1,500 pounds of marijuana, worth around $770,000, hidden in the roof of a trailer, authorities said. ... Read more»

Migrant Quilt Project

Border deaths honored one story at a time through art

Tattered jeans, backpacks, and love letters are stitched together and tell the story of migrants who made their way into the U.S. through the Arizona desert but perished before reaching their destination. "The goal is to humanize these people," said Jody Ipsen, founder of the Migrant Quilt Project. ... Read more»

BP: Busy weekend nets nearly $1.2M in marijuana, 9mm pistol

Tucson Sector Border Patrol agents seized more than 2,600 pounds of marijuana and a 9mm pistol in two separate incidents this weekend, authorities said. Agents also arrested six men, two connected with a smuggling incident near Elgin, and four others hiding in a trailer outside of Amado. ... Read more»

Activists continue protests against BP checkpoint

Vowing to stage a "sit-in" to highlight their frustration with a Border Patrol checkpoint on Arivaca Road, more than 100 protesters surged toward the site Wednesday, and were turned away by a waiting phalanx of nearly two dozen Border Patrol agents. After a few tense moments, including a shoving match with agents, the protest ended peacefully and no one was arrested.... Read more»4

Amado youngsters have new hangout

Armed with a Drug Free Communities Grant and money and donated supplies from Pima County and area businesses, the small border town of Amado has a place for kids to go with a new youth center.... Read more»

BP agents arrest 3 with felony records

Border Patrol agents arrested a convicted rapist and two others with criminal pasts in separate incidents Thursday.... Read more»