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Punga the elephant dies at Reid Park Zoo

An 11-year-old elephant died Tuesday at Tucson's zoo, where officials say a "twisted gut" caused Punga to unexpectedly die.... Read more»1

Tucson lioness a proud mother of four newborn cubs

The pride of lions at the Reid Park Zoo more than doubled recently, as Tucson's female lion Kaya gave birth to a litter of five cubs last week. Four of the cubs, three males and one female, survived. One cub did not live past the first day, while one of the males is the runt of the litter, appearing weaker and gaining weight slowly.... Read more»1

Polar bear Snow dies at Reid Park Zoo

Snow, the 17-year-old polar bear at the Reid Park Zoo, was found dead Monday morning. She was in her normal sleeping position and there were no signs of trauma, said a spokeswoman.... Read more»

Snow the polar bear makes debut at zoo

Reid Park Zoo visitors have a chance to see the zoo's newest addition as Snow the polar bear explores her new habitat.... Read more»