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Attorneys question legal argument in AZGOP challenge to early voting law

The Arizona Republican Party is relying on “stray” language in the Arizona Constitution in what attorneys describe as a longshot challenge to overturn the state’s 31-year-old early voting law. ... Read more»

Doug Logan masterminded banning the media from the Arizona 'audit'

The plan to bar journalists from covering the Senate's self-styled "audit" of the 2020 election in Maricopa County and only let them into Veterans Memorial Coliseum if they agreed to work 30 hours as volunteer observers was hatched and implemented by Doug Logan, the man hired to lead the election review.... Read more»1

Finchem recall campaign pulls plug on trying to force OV lawmaker from office

The recall campaign against Oro Valley Republican lawmaker Mark Finchem has ended after the group conducting the recall determined it would not be able to collect the needed signatures by the looming July 8 deadline. ... Read more»

Rep. Finchem threatens to sue recall campaign over Capitol riot claims

Rep. Mark Finchem, currently running for Arizona secretary of state, has sent a cease and desist letter to the group seeking to recall him from office, calling on them to destroy campaign materials that claim he has connections to the Oath Keepers militia and the Jan. 6 Capitol riot.... Read more»

Judge rejects secret election 'audit' hearing requested by Arizona Republicans

A Wednesday court hearing to determine whether election auditors hired by Arizona Senate Republicans can shield the policies and procedures guiding their work from the public will take place in open court after a judge on Tuesday rejected an attempt by the auditors and Republicans to bar the press and the public from the court.... Read more»