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The groups, including the Grand Canyon chapter of the Sierra Club, Living United for Change in Arizona and Fuerte Arts Movement, asked Toma to tell committee chairs to ensure that their members do not shout over public speakers and to shut down any hostility toward public speakers.

A group of advocacy organizations that say they want more respect for their members who speak in front of Arizona legislative committees have asked Republican House Speaker Ben Toma to “address the bullying, angry, and intimidating behavior” of some legislators. Read more»

Courts typically enforce civil laws like the one Kern is proposing, but it’s unclear who would determine if the court or the Bar is in violation of this measure.

A bill that would punish the State Bar of Arizona and the Arizona Supreme Court if they discipline attorneys for bringing baseless election fraud complaints in Arizona courts has continued to make its way towards becoming law. Read more»

A voter drops a ballot at the Maricopa County ballot drop box outside the county juvenile court, where several intimidation incidents were reported.

The leader of the Arizona House elections committee doesn’t want speakers in front of the committee to utter the words “conspiracy theory,” two weeks after that same House committee allowed a Gilbert insurance agent to spread wild and utterly unfounded conspiracy theories. Read more»

Law enforcement agencies are already required to notify the community, including schools in the area, when certain types of sex offenders move there, but those offenders might enroll their children in schools in other communities.

One proponent of a bill in the Arizona legislature that would require sex offenders to notify their child’s school of their sex offender status says that a parent’s right to know trump’s that child’s right not to be ostracized or bullied. Read more»

Silencers are available to gun owners in the United States but they have to be registered to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms and get approval with the agency.

A trio of GOP gun measures won approval from lawmakers Wednesday, including legalizing silencers and muzzle suppressors and a measure that would allow people with concealed weapon permits to bring firearms onto Arizona school campuses. Read more»

It is unknown who owns SPH Medical LLC or where the money it gave to help elect Lake came from.

A campaign finance complaint accusing a super PAC that spent $2.1 million boosting Kari Lake of inventing the source of its funding was quietly dismissed last year after elections officials determined that a media report questioning the money’s origin was inaccurate. Read more»

Pima County Attorney Laura Conover spoke against the proposed bill, saying that there are already laws on the books that prosecutors can use for these types of deaths, and her office has successfully prosecuted several dealers for manslaughter.

A proposed Arizona law that would allow drug dealers to be charged with homicide if their product killed someone was shot down by a bipartisan group of lawmakers, with one lawmaker saying it would cause more problems that it would solve. Read more»

Advocates fear that HB2169 could preempt judicial discretion in complicated cases, leading to more kids in jail for having intimate relationships with their peers.

A proposal in the Arizona House to target predators who were able to plead felony offenses down to a misdemeanor and increase the punishments for sexual offenders could put teenagers in prison for having intimate relationships with their peers. Read more»

Armed vigilantes wearing tactical gear were captured by security cameras on Oct. 21, 2022, outside Maricopa County’s drop box in Mesa.

A federal judge on Friday preliminarily declined to block members of the group Clean Elections USA from gathering within sight of ballot drop boxes following complaints that armed and masked members intimidated potential voters during the 2022 election. Read more»

Arizona is one of several states that rejected top-ticket candidates in the midterms who embraced the false conspiracy theory that the 2020 presidential election was stolen.

Democrats' dissent wasn’t enough to stop the Arizona House Municipal Oversight and Elections Committee from passing four Republican-sponsored bills aimed to instill faith in the election process back into voters, whom Republicans say have less trust following recent elections. Read more»

A 14-page document released in an online space favored by neo-Nazis who aspire to accelerate the downfall of the United States government included a guide on how to attack substations.

In the wake of attacks on substations across the nation, a bill at the Arizona Legislature would increase penalties for those who damage utility infrastructure or trespass on utility property in an attempt to create a “deterrent” for similar attacks. Read more»

Water levels in Colorado River reservoirs like Lake Mead, shown here in 2918, and Lake Powell continued to fall to dangerously low levels in 2022, triggering a series of cuts in the amount of water states can pull from the river beginning this year.

Water from the Colorado River covers more than a third of Arizona's total water usage, but as the state is increasingly losing access to that supply, that loss, and potential future loss, is a focal point of Arizona's state legislature. Read more»

A protester holds a sign outside the Executive Tower in Phoenix on Dec. 14, 2020.

While Arizona voters rejected Kari Lake and other Republican candidates for statewide office who touted election conspiracy theories, they sent several others to the state Capitol. Read more»

The legislature in 1991 passed a landmark law permitting any Arizonan to vote early, and in 2007, the state implemented its Permanent Early Voting List.

The Arizona Republican Party is relying on “stray” language in the Arizona Constitution in what attorneys describe as a longshot challenge to overturn the state’s 31-year-old early voting law. Read more»

Doug Logan at an April 22, 2021, press conference to discuss the Senate’s “audit” of the 2020 election in Maricopa County, which Logan was hired to lead.

The plan to bar journalists from covering the Senate's self-styled "audit" of the 2020 election in Maricopa County and only let them into Veterans Memorial Coliseum if they agreed to work 30 hours as volunteer observers was hatched and implemented by Doug Logan, the man hired to lead the election review. Read more» 1

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