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Western boom cities see spike in harmful ozone

In the heavily populated mountain valleys of the West, the odorless, colorless gas known as ozone has remained stubbornly difficult to reduce to safe levels.... Read more»

Water crisis hits N.M. Navajo community amid looming COVID-19 fears

Recent COVID-19-panic shopping stripped store shelves of bottled water, leaving the 2,000 residents of To’Hajiilee without drinking water. Over the years, five of the six wells supplying the community 20 miles west of Albuquerque have run dry, with the last generating mineral and sediment-steeped water that looks like orange juice and smells like rotten eggs.... Read more»

Officials call for Grand Canyon closure to help stem coronavirus spread

Arizona lawmakers joined local and tribal officials Tuesday calling on the Interior Department to reverse its “reckless” decision to keep Grand Canyon National Park open during the COVID-19 pandemic. ... Read more»

Guest opinion

Rothschild: Separating kids from families at border 'morally reprehensible'

Tucson Mayor Jonathan Rothschild joined the leaders of L.A., Houston and Albuquerque on Thursday in calling on the Trump administration to halt separating children from parents who are illegal immigrants and migrants seeking asylum. The mayors called the policy "flawed ... cruel" and "morally reprehensible."... Read more»

Man threatens N.M. Occupy protesters with knife

Albuquerque police reportedly tasered a man who lunged with a knife at Occupy Albuquerque protesters. ... Read more»

Humor: 'The Tuscon Problem'

Academics call Tucson 'most misspelled major city' in America

A group of academics have published a study calling Tucson “easily the most misspelled major city in America." Neurolinguists, working with Google engineers, are working on a solution.... Read more»